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No more cozying up by the fireplace or snuggling under covers together with your partner. Now that warm weather is right around the corner, it’s time to shed the blankets and layers of clothing, and start thinking about what new and exciting memories you can make together. Here are some fun springtime date ideas to get you started:

Rent a paddle boat. Find a local Paddle boat company near you, take a walk down a canal or rent a kayak.  You’ll be getting exercise, but also relaxing on the water. If you get hungry, look up some nearby spots prior to your date.

Go for a bike ride. Check out local trails, or ride through a park. Pack a picnic and stop along the way. You could even rent a bike made for two people. Make sure to document the experience with photos!

Go to Botanic Garden. Walking around and enjoying the flowers blooming, as well as the fresh spring smell will be invigorating.

Plan a hike. Plan a hike either an urban one or a place like Shenandoah Valley. Once you finish the hike, kick back and relax at the winery at the bottom of the mountain or spend the night at a close by bed and breakfast.

Go to an outdoor sporting event together. Check out local calendars for baseball games, tennis matches and soccer games – it can be really enjoyable to share this experience together. Buy memorabilia afterwards to remember the date.

Walk or metro to a Farmer’s Market. Think about a dinner you can cook together, find a new recipe and pick out ingredients from fresh produce. Planning a night to cook together can bring out the creativity in both of you.

Hit the gym or go running together. Exercising releases endorphins, which is great to share with your partner. (Beach season is around the corner). Keep the passion going by taking it to the shower afterwards.

Plan a day trip. Take a trip somewhere you know your partner likes or surprise her with a weekend away in the country. Tell her to have a bag packed and be ready by 5 p.m. on Friday…the suspense will be a great precursor to a weekend of romance.

Plan a picnic. Pack a picnic and bring a book you can share. Sunny weekends are a great time to and cuddle up, enjoy the weather, and relax.

Visit the zoo. It’s free and it’s beautiful when the flowers are blooming.

Play mini golf. Put your Tiger Woods hat on and get in the competitive spirit. After spending quality time together, you both will be automatic winners.

Go spring shopping together. You’re likely sick of your winter clothes, so pick out outfits for each other and have a bit of fun playing dress up.

Shared experiences help relationships grow and get stronger, so think outside the box and keep things fresh. If none of these interest you, think about taking up a new hobby together. If you’re single, join a team or take a class – you’re bound to meet new people that way. Happy dating!








Kim Rosenberg
Kim Rosenberg
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