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Tiffany Desiree, Author

Tiffany Desiree is a queer author from Seattle, Washington. She is the creator of INFJ – The Outgoing Introvert on Facebook.

Over the past few years Tiffany has been busy writing. She released her first children’s book “No Peas, Please!” In December 2017, she released her second book, “First Christmas in Fruity Land, A Gift of Giving”.

Tiffany primarily writes about African and Asian elephants. She is part Tsonga (Shangaan) of Mozambique. Writing for LolliWolliWorld has brought Tiffany closer to her African roots. When Tiffany isn’t writing, she enjoys hiking, listening to music and hanging out with her dog, Wilfred.

Describe yourself in a six-word sentence.

Free spirit constantly on a roller-coaster.

What was the last thing you shared on social media?

My most recent social media share was regarding, “Every Little Girl Wants a Tea Party,” which has a Friday, September 13 release date. This book is focused on African spirituality and folktales; a first of its kind.

What do you think is the main challenge facing LGBTQ people in your community?

Visibility and acceptance are the two main issues affecting the bisexual community. With acceptance comes more visibility. It’s both essential and vital for queer people to have a platform or resources that celebrate our authenticity.

What is your favorite LGBTQ business where you live?

The Pride Foundation in Seattle is awesome. During my college days at Seattle Central, their resources allowed me to feel comfortable within my own skin as a bisexual woman. Also, I highly enjoyed the diverse resources for all of us within the LGBTQ community. The Pride Foundation was definitely a home away from home.

What advice do you have for people looking to get into the publishing industry?

If writing is more than a passion of yours, consider smaller or even independent publishing companies. Most times these companies are overlooked. We sometimes equate success with publishers who are deemed as established. However, so many authors are making millions while being independent, such as Amanda Hocking. Even if you do receive a contract, consider side projects to keep yourself relevant and proactive in various genres. If you still have more questions, message me at wwww.tiffanydesiree.com.