Micaela Kaibni Raen

September 2, 2014

SisterSpace: An Exciting Community of Women

SisterSpace is celebrating its 38th anniversary as a weekend full of parties, entertainment, recreation, educational activities, and more. Held September 5-7, 2014, at a rural campground in Maryland, SisterSpace will be the a great place to flirt and have fun.
August 11, 2014

Discover the New Frontier: LGBT Volunteer Vacations

With the recent LGBT victories and passage of new laws there is an increasing global acceptance of the LGBT community. The Global Volunteers organization is launching a new program, LGBT Volunteer Vacations.
April 16, 2014

Living Fearless: An Arab-American Lesbian Speaks Out

Facing fear while in the process of creating literary work is nothing new. However, confronting that fear with absolute honesty and moving past it is not easy. Artists and writers often act as catalysts for an ever changing society.
April 7, 2014

An Interview with Designer and Entrepreneur K.Michelle

An interview with designer and founder of HAUTEBUTCH. HAUTEBUTCH Fashion Collection is a vibrant outward expression of dressing that represents the core of a butch woman’s gender presentation.