June 26, 2013

DOMA Struck Down by the Supreme Court

Fire up the smoke machines and put on your heels. It is time to celebrate. In a landmark and historic decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled DOMA unconstitutional by violating the “equal protection” clause of the Constitution.
June 7, 2013

Feature: Comedy in Bloom: Coming Out of the Funny Closet

Throughout the past 30 years, women have experienced another social and sexual revolution. In the midst of the mostly male-saturated industry of comedy, three leading ladies have stood at the forefront of the women’s revolution, using their comedy and sexuality to empower, educate, and reform.
May 29, 2013

Pride: Past, Present, and Future

What began as a one-day LGBTA community block party on 20th Street NW is now the nation’s third-largest Pride event, featuring more than a week’s worth of entertainment, activities, and festivities. Since its inception in 1975, the Capital Pride event has provided rich opportunities for Washington, D.C.’s queer community and allies to celebrate, motivate, and support our diversity.
January 14, 2013
Healthy women

Feature: New Year, New You

Shape up and get fit. Keeping your promise to nurture your physical and mental health.