January 11, 2013

Four-Legged Forecast

How to ensure your pet’s good health and happiness in 2013 and beyond

By JD Warford, DVM, and Laurie White As you make your resolutions for 2013, here are five that can make it a great year for your pets, too.
December 3, 2012
West Point Wedding

West Point Cadet Chapel Has First Same-Sex Ceremony

Army Veteran, Brenda Fulton, weds long time partner Penelope Gnesin

On Saturday, December 1, Army Veteran and OutServe-SLDN Board member Brenda S. Fulton got married to her partner Penelope Dara Gnesin at the Cadet Chapel at West Point located in New York. Last week, Army 1st Lieut. Ellen Schick married Ms. Shannon Simpson at the Old Cadet Chapel, a smaller venue on Academy grounds.
December 2, 2012
Lesbian Sex Scene

Hottest Lesbian Sex Scenes in the History of TV released their top 20 hottest lesbian sex scenes on television.

By Staff To prepare for Thanksgiving, most of our friends have been posting something they're thankful for every day on Facebook and Twitter. We have not participated in the festivities, but only because we've been saving up our thankful list so we can unleash it all at once.
November 13, 2012

A Winter Treat: Rehoboth Beach

You'll find diversions and bargains galore off-season at the beach!

By Deb Griffin You've had a crazy week. It's Friday night, and you're looking forward to the weekend. You plan to do a little wining and dining. Maybe you'll do some shopping. And, you might even take a walk where there's something to see other than steel and concrete. Now, imagine doing all of that without once riding in your car or on the Metro! That, my friends, is winter at the beach. It's everything you like to do except in a smaller, more intimate beach side setting.