October 11, 2012
Mautner Project

CAMP-Mautner Cares

A Grass-Roots Approach to Health Care for the LGBT Citizens of Rehoboth

By Katy Ray
The Mautner Project and CAMP Rehoboth Cares have teamed up to fill a gap in the health services provided to LGBT members of the Rehoboth Beach, DE community. For over 22 years, Create A More Positive (CAMP) Rehoboth has fostered community, provided services, and planned activities for the LGBT citizens of Rehoboth. Now in conjunction with the Mautner Project, the national lesbian health organization, CAMP Rehoboth will be training volunteers through their latest collaborative effort: CAMP-Mautner Cares.
October 8, 2012
Lesbians at Rehoboth

Rehoboth Rocks the Fall

By Deb Griffin As I write this article, I have an incredible view of the Lewes-Rehoboth canal from the huge outdoor deck at Irish Eyes Restaurant. The sky is a brilliant blue, the sun is sparkling on the water, and lots of boats sit bobbing in their slips. I smile because it looks like a scene from a jigsaw puzzle and I still can’t believe I live here.
October 2, 2012
Kindred Giving Circle

Local African-American LGBT giving circle donates $13,000 to SMYAL

By Eboné F. Bell


Three years ago, a group of local LGBT individuals made a personal and financial commitment to give back to their community. Recently their dedication and hard work has paid off.

KINDRED is an African-American LGBT giving circle that was created to uplift the African-American LGBT community by gathering financial and talent resources. The current members of KINDRED are Anna Bavier, Nicole E. Cozier, Earl Rodney Holman, Nicole Ho-Sang, Stacey R. Long, Aisha Moodie-Mills, Danielle Moodie-Mills and Michael Smith.

September 8, 2012
Healthy Queer Woman

Is Being a Queer Woman Good for Your Health?

By Leslie J. Calman When I became Director of Mautner Project: The National Lesbian Health Organization, I heard a fair number of smart smart aleck jokes about why lesbians need a health organization: Allergic reactions to flannel shirts? Heel inflammation from those Birkenstocks? (You get the picture.)