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March 30, 2017
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March 31, 2017

Acrush: China’s Hottest New “Boi” Band

Acrush Band from China

Acrush at a Beijing music event on March 26. (Courtesy of Acrush/Quartz)

Earlier this month, China’s social network giant Tencent held a series of music events called “Husband Exhibition” at Chinese universities. The idea was to showcase new pop stars who appear on the company’s online streaming site; the term “husband” is how China’s female fans refer to male pop stars who are so charming they fantasize about marrying them.

Enter Acrush, a hot new “boy band” that performed at the tour’s last stop in southern Zhejiang province, where the group is based.

They had one big surprise in store for fans: They’re not actually male.

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