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HAUTEBUTCH Fashion: What Butches Are Talking About

Hautebutch clothing models

From underwear to outerwear and jackets to footwear, HAUTEBUTCH has hot new designs for tomboy style-seekers. Clothing is more than just an outward expression of lifestyle. At HAUTEBUTCH, fashion becomes reflective of an internal attitude that comes from self-definition and cutting edge design.

Hautebutch model“HAUTEBUTCH is focused on elevating the mainstream consciousness and opening minds to embrace a clientele that deserves a brand all its own,” says Founder and Designer K.Michelle.

What’s Hot
With new clothing lines being created continually, HAUTEBUTCH is gaining in popularity and garnering attention on the runway. The new alpha sport shirt is an item gaining popularity with the LGBT community. Due to consumer request, HAUTEBUTCH is in pre-production with specially designed boxer trunks and briefs designed for women. More hot items are coming soon including signature slacks, polos, blazers and more edgy and classy accessories.

Filling the Niche
When shopping for apparel, women seeking items with a masculine edge often struggle to find clothes that fit right. The process of shopping in the men’s department results in embarrassing situations with store employees and a failure to find attractive styles that fit well. Frustrated with clothing lines that did not fit her personality or style, designer K.Michelle turned her creative eye to design a targeted line of apparel for women.

“HAUTEBUTCH is creating an aesthetic that simultaneously blends masculinity and femininity, a deliberate harmonious style that combats conformity,” explains K.Michelle.

After refining her design process and showcasing some of her signature apparel on the runway, HAUTEBUTCH was received quite well by the public.  Soon after the company began, they held several fashion show events.

Hautebutch models“In the midst of all the runway chaos and fittings, I caught glimpses of the level of pride exhibited as the models struck their poses,” says K.Michelle. Each showcased their masculinity and style in different ways, but that look of pride, the look of ‘we matter’ and ‘we have our own’ was universal. It ceased to just be about fashion and became a higher purpose.”

The fashion industry has had a longtime fascination with androgynous styling while the market emphasis has focused on trends. K.Michelle is creating innovative designs while building on a foundation of established designers like Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Brook Brothers and others.

“Butch clothing is an outward expression of an internal attitude and we endeavor to accentuate and empower the entire spectrum of butches, studs and tomboy style-seekers,” says K.Michelle.

With innovative lines of clothing, the creative expression of an impeccable designer and inspiring plans to be recognized in the worldwide fashion scene, HAUTEBUTCH is getting even hotter. More than just a company, HAUTEBUTCH is a great supporter of the LGBT community through education and breaking gender stereotypes. K.Michelle explains, “We can be completely silent and yet still express our identities and convey how we feel about ourselves based on how we dress, that is important.”