Joan Porte’s “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook”

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Joan Porte’s “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook”

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By Melinda Sigal
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The best cookbooks not only have recipes – they tell engaging stories about the food. Joan Porte, cookbook astrologer and gastronome, has distinctively told her story with her new “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook”.  Porte brings new and fun ideas to cooking by illustrating how easy it is to personalize a menu for your family and friends.

The idea came to her when she and a close friend were talking about their passions. Signs of the Tines was intuitively conceived combining Porte’s love of personal astrology with a desire of preparing and sharing delicious meals.

Developed for foodies as a zodiac cookbook that explores the astrological chart and concentrates on the rising sign, Porte selected a wide range of recipes from her files, family and friends. She integrates them skillfully into enjoyable meal and party planning, with an inventive way to tune in with your friends and understand what they like to eat. Mouthwatering, lip smacking, appetizing photographs complement the more than 120-featured recipes.

Porte’s attraction to astrology led to her training with Adam Gainsburg, creator of “Soulsign Astrology,” where you focus on your “karmic” identity, resulting in what Porte describes as “more confidence to go out and do it!”

In the beginning of each chapter, Porte highlights famous people – using the rising sign.

“Rising sign is compatibility, also used when doing a marriage chart,” says Porte. “The moon rules emotions, Venus is goddess of love, and the rising sign is who you really are and how you project a personality.”

For example, in the Libra chapter she showcases Doris Day and Rock Hudson. They both had Venus rising and that was why they were such a beautiful, compatible couple on the screen.

Each sign’s section also features famous people with the same north and south nodes to show how each dealt with their karmic identity, going from karmic to where their soul is reincarnated. Examples of this are Mother Theresa and Kurt Cobain, where Cobain stayed in the drama nihilistic aspect of Scorpio.

Porte then cleverly illustrates ways to stretch each individual to the north node and suggests that the goal of our lives is to go from the south to the north.

In defining what’s next, Porte surmised, “Since my south node is in Gemini, which is the communicator/writer, and my north node is in Sagittarius, I am taking the best aspects of the south in service to my north node, and that always opens opportunities and makes the universe happy.”

Bon Appetit with “Signs of the Tines”. Porte’s innovative recipe collection is sure way to awaken your taste buds on your karmic journey with your family and friends.

Aries Spicy and fast, and a bit of a carnivore
Gemini Munchables, quick talk and eat, on the move, holding forth on their great known
Taurus Luscious rich creamy
Cancer Mom’s apple pie, homey/comforting, mothers of zodiac
Leo Pheasant: rich and elegant (secretly dieting)
Virgo Healthy-healthy-healthy, garden, garden-to-table, veggie
Libra Things you can share (new England seafood dinner to share with people)
Scorpio Things that are hidden, under puff pastry, zucchini crepe, detectives of zodiac – bear secrets
Sagittarius Things from other cultures, worldly cultures: Pho and Bibimbap (Korean dish)
Capricorn Homey, sturdy status, they are the salt of the earth
Aquarius Goofy things like wild boar ragu, fried pasta, rebels/free-thinkers
Pisces Calming food, food from the sea, comforting food