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March 20, 2017
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March 21, 2017

Is “Logan” The Last Wolverine Movie?

Scene from Logan - Wolverine Movie

The problem with building a franchise around one actor is that when that actor decides to quit you are left in a jam. Hugh Jackman is calling it quits. Logan was his last movie as Wolverine. This presents a serious problem for studio Fox. How will they continue with the movie series? Jackman had spent more than 17 years being the face of one of the most popular comic book characters ever.

Will fans accept a new Wolverine? Apparently Hugh has recommended Bollywood actor Shah Ruhk Khan for the role. But is getting a new actor the best solution? At least the co-creator of Wolverine, Roy Thomas, seems to think so. Casino players like exciting games like Logan, discover what kind of games you can play online at casinosonline-canada.ca As former editor-in-chief at marvel he is in a good position to influence how the decision will go.

In other franchises like James Bond or even Batman the quality of the story proved stronger than any one actor. Therefore there is a great chance that the X-Men will continue successfully after the current crop of characters has left. And yes, Hugh Jackman is not the only X-men who is leaving. Patrick Stewart (Professor X) is also leaving. He told this to a SiriusXM Town Hall last month.

The Alternatives To Continuing With A Different Wolverine

1. The franchise could take a break for a couple of years and comeback with a whole new cast. This has happened several times before in Hollywood. In fact Hollywood has mastered the art of the remake movie.
2. A new character was introduced in the Logan movie. Laura, a mutant girl with tissue regeneration capabilities and has claws. Even though the character played by Dafne Keen has a lot Wolverine’s characteristics will she be able to replace Wolverine in the story?

Hugh Jackman was good as Wolverine that it would not be surprising that there is a real money gambling game based on his character. Whichever way studio Fox decides to go, we salute Jackman for his fine performances as Wolverine.


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