DC Center

July 30, 2014

OutWrite 2014: A Big Helpin' of G.R.I.T.S.

Sweet tea. Cookouts. Porch talk. Kissing in Bible school. A bit of the blues and laughter. If you’re immersed in summer, these references might stir memories of the season. If you're a Queer Southerner or a person with an affinity to the South, these mentions might call forth experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.
April 22, 2014

LGBT Organizations Left Out of $15mil City Fund Grant

Yesterday, The DC Center for the LGBT Community, the Center for Black Equity, Casa Ruby, SMYAL, Us Helping Us, HIPS, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) expressed their deep disappointment that not a single local LGBT organization received funding under the City Fund...
December 17, 2013

Transgender Community Celebration

MOVA Lounge

Photos by Josette Matoto