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December 22, 2015
SMYAL'S Free Store in December 2015
SMYAL’s Free Store Offers Clothing and Necessities to LGBTQ Youth
January 4, 2016

Every year, we take pride in providing tons of content from Arts & Entertainment to Wedding Announcements to Sex & Relationships. If you are reading this, then you obviously know that Tagg is not only in print, but we are online too. This year, we published hundreds of stories on about events, femme problems, politics, and community members, just to name a few. And, some of these stories stood out from the rest.

Below are the top 15 articles that got your attention this year.


15. Wedding Announcement: Eboné Bell and Angell Garrigan
Tagg Magazine‘s Managing Editor recently got engaged to her long-time partner on November 3, 2015 in St. Lucia. The couple shares their love story, first meetings, and plans for the future. Read More

14. A New President Emerges at the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund
Highly esteemed and long-time policy analyst and political strategist Aisha Moodie-Mills was recently announced as the next President and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. For the past 15 years, Moodie-Mills has been building her political capital. Read More

13. Femme Problems 142: Steered Straight
Though I have been out as a lesbian for years and attracted to women all my life, my coming out process started later than most. I was always physically attracted to women, but it was not until my early twenties that I realized I had romantic feelings for them as well. Read More

12. Local Woman Proposes With Flash Mob at Club Hippo
Alexandria, VA resident Sara Stickler surprised her partner Rebecca Goodman with a flash mob proposal at Club Hippo in Baltimore, MD. The couple met at the club three and half years ago. Read More

11. Women You Should Meet: Jordyn White
Jordyn White is a 34-year-old Program Officer at the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, as well as the General Manager of Washington Prodigy Women’s Football Team. Get to know Jordyn. Read More

10. Feature: 2015 Enterprising Women
Every year, Tagg Magazine has the honor of spotlighting the D.C. area’s top women business leaders and professionals. These women are not only movers and shakers in their industries, but they are pioneers within the LGBTQ community. Read More

9. D.C. Says Farewell to DJ Natty Boom
What does Anthology of Booty, She Rex, and OverEasy Ladies Tea all have in common? Two words…Ebony Dumas. If you have attended any queer party in Washington, D.C., chances are you have danced to the music of DJ Natty Boom. Read More

8. Top List Tuesday: 10 Reasons You Should Watch Dyke Central
“I am a Dyke!” “I am a Dyke!” “I am a Dyke!” No, this is not a reenactment of  the Dyke March at Pride or a flashback to separatist feminism of early times. Read More

7. Wedding Announcement: Jamie Leeds and Tina McDaniel
D.C.’s own Chef Jamie Leeds recently got engaged to Tina McDaniel this summer and will hold their wedding in May 2016. The newly engaged couple talks about how they met, their proposal, and plans for the future. Read More

6. Maryland Chef Makes Her Debut on Hell’s Kitchen
Usually you can find Mieka Houser at Full On Craft Eats & Drinks in Rockville, MD. However, this month you’ll see the local chef on the season premiere of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX. Read More

5. Top List Tuesday: 20 Signs You’re Watching a Lesbian Movie
This week for our Top List Tuesday, we explore stereotypes in lesbian movies. While there are many discussions about how lesbians are portrayed and stereotyped in straight movies, today, we are focusing on clichés that almost every Better than Chocolate or Imagine Me & You seems to have. Read More

4. The DC Kings Retire After 15 Years of Gender-Bending
In a heartfelt letter to the DC Kings troupe, founder Ken Vegas (aka graphic designer Kendra Kuliga) announced the tough call to retire the DC Kings after building a legacy of gender-bending for more than 15 years. Read More

3. Top List Tuesday: 20 Things Lesbians Are Tired of Explaining
Who’s the man? Why don’t you guys just call it something besides marriage? Did you have a crush on me in high school? Being gay, being a lesbian, and being a woman can all be the best experiences in the world. Read More

2. In LOVE, ALWAYS, Partners of Trans People Tell Their Stories
Just in time for Valentines Day, Transgress Press has published LOVE, ALWAYS: Partners of Trans People on Intimacy, Challenge, & Resilience. It is a beautiful collection of essays, stories, and poems. Read More

1. Phase 1 Closes…Temporarily?
Phase 1, located in Eastern Market, is closing its doors to patrons. Despite HRC’s 2nd Annual Lez Sing Karaoke Contest being scheduled this weekend, the owner has decided to close the venue starting Thursday, January 8. Read More

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