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If you’re reading this between January 22–24, 2016, you know that #SnowtoriousBIG is upon us. (It’s not really called that, but we like it, so we’re sticking to it).

Just because you’re snowed in doesn’t mean you still can’t be entertained. While you’re browsing cabin fever updates from your friends on Facebook, you can also read up on our favorite snow day articles from our Tagg contributors. Whether you’re reading about winter tips or femme problems, feel free to join the conversation.

And don’t worry, if you’re reading this after #SnowtoriousBIG, these articles are definitely still worth the read.

Happy Snow Day!

1. Femme Problems 104: But You Don’t Look Like a Lesbian
We’ve all been there before: a straight guy does a double take when he sees you holding hands with your girlfriend at the mall. A grocer accidentally fumbles your tampons when you mention your unusually cantankerous wife at home.

2. Pet Preparedness Plan
The holidays and winter can be fun for you and your pets. However, when pets are included in holiday celebrations, they can also be chaotic times, filled with many dangers. Emergency visits to veterinary clinics spike during this time of year because of common, but preventable, illnesses and accidents.

3. Quiz: Am I in Love With Her?
You might be really into her, but are you in LOVE with her? This time of year has some pondering this question more times than others. Here’s a quick quiz to help you decide if you’re in LOVE … or maybe just in LUST.

4. 20 Signs You’re Watching a Lesbian Movie
While there are many discussions about how lesbians are portrayed and stereotyped in straight movies, today, we are focusing on clichés that almost every Better than Chocolate or Imagine Me & You seems to have.

winter-skin-care5. Winter Skin Care Tips
Baby, it’s cold outside! Dry, itchy winter skin is still in full effect. With less moisture in the air, there is less moisture in our skin, and indoor heat can be just as dehydrating. Common winter skin problems may be: scaly skin, a dull complexion, or ragged cuticles. Read More >

6. Femme Problems 122: Understanding My Femme Privilege
A while back, I wrote Five Lesbians to Avoid at the Bar, a femme problems article where I explored and even poked a little fun at certain bar clichés and stereotypes, such as the gold digging femme and the baby dyke.

7. It’s Not Your Fault: Managing Relationship Mishaps
Imagine this: You and your partner are really excited about your upcoming summer vacation. You’re especially happy since she took care of most of the details. You get off the plane and breathe in the fresh.

8. Feature: Your Guide to Lesbian and Queer Health
When working at Mautner Project: The National Lesbian Health Organization, I heard a fair number of smart aleck jokes about why lesbians need a health organization: Allergic reactions to flannel shirts?

9. Loving Trans Men: Why I Don’t Just Date “Real” Men
“If you date trans men, why don’t you just date, you know, a real man?” This question has definitely gotten me worked into a hold-my-purse, ready-to-scrap, tizzy a few times. But it pales in comparison to the declaration, “your partner is trans—you aren’t a lesbian.”

10. Boi Problems 109: The Bathroom Blues
I guess that it first began when my mother and I took a trip to our local craft store in Maryland. I was around the age of 14. Because it was the middle of winter, we were both bundled up in our coats, scarves, and hats.

free-dom-slide11. Emotional Free-Dom
This article is directed to us girly girls because let’s face it, we play a huge role in setting the emotional climate in our homes. We have a responsibility to support our mates and make them feel safe and special.

12. Ferguson and Eric Garner: Why the LGBTQ Community Should Care?
You can’t help but be proud of the sustainability of our LGBTQ family. Throughout history, although widely persecuted and often criminalized, we have stood true to our demands for equality and liberation.

13. DC Kings Retire After 15 Years of Gender Bending
In a heartfelt letter to the DC Kings troupe, founder Ken Vegas (aka graphic designer Kendra Kuliga) announced the tough call to retire the DC Kings after building a legacy of gender-bending for more than 15 years.

14. Femme Problems 142: Steered Straight
Though I have been out as a lesbian for years and attracted to women all my life, my coming out process started later than most. I was always physically attracted to women, but it was not until my early twenties that I realized I had romantic feelings for them as well.

15. Attention Becky: Acknowledging Privilege and Accepting Space
A few weeks ago, I read a blog post on Prince of Petworth highlighting a new gay bar opening in Logan Circle. As I scrolled through the comments, I noticed a quite lengthy comment regarding straight people who frequent gay establishments.


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