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Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit 2014

By Ashley McMullen

2013 Sexual Freedom Summit (Photo:  Louis Shakleton)

2013 Sexual Freedom Summit (Photo: Louis Shakleton)

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance’s annual Summit returns this week in Alexandria, VA. The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in 2003 by Mary Frances Berry that promotes sexual freedom as a human right. The organization focuses on human rights, sexual expression, sexuality, civil rights issues, freedom of speech, and social and political change, and emphasizes the importance of sexuality, gender, and family diversity.

To fulfill their commitment to advancing human rights, the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance hosts their annual Woodhull Freedom Summit every year. Currently in its fifth year, the summit is a four-day conference with workshops and social events focused on sexual freedom as a human right in the United States.

For those unfamiliar with the meaning of sexual freedom, it is defined as the fundamental right to express and develop one’s sexuality, to be free with bodily integrity, and to express one’s body and mind freely.

Justyn Hintze, co-chair of Sexual Freedom Summit (Photo:  Louis Shakleton)

Justyn Hintze, co-chair of Sexual Freedom Summit (Photo: Louis Shakleton)

The summit started because organization wanted people, especially women, to know about the importance of sexual freedom. Similarly, people wanted to attend workshops for knowledge on the importance of sexual freedom.

This year’s summit opens on Thursday, Aug. 14 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., with workshops on sex work, sex trade, prostitution, and human rights, just to name a few. These important conversations will include activists such as Kate D’Adamo, Lindsay Roth, Jill McCracken, Susan Miranda and Elizabeth Wood.

Friday morning will kickoff with a Sexercise class followed by a Pleasure Principle workshop, alongside numerous important events throughout the rest of the day.

Saturday morning offers an Abortion, Foreign and Domestic Policy workshop. The abortion workshop focuses on the violation of human rights among women in the United States and around the world. Throughout the day, there will be many other workshops and events, such as Sexual Privilege, HIV today, Stories and Social Change, and Healthy Relationships. The last day of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit starts with breakfast with Rev. Harry Knox and Carole Queen followed by a book signing.

Justyn Hintze started as a volunteer for the summit before becoming the co-chair of the four-day event. She is just one of a small and dedicated team committed to the mission of Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

“I wanted to be an activist in the freedom world, create connections, have an amazing experience and get further involved,” says Hintze.

Organizers and past contributors agree that being a volunteer or participant at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit can be a life changing experience. The annual summit is the perfect stepping stone to get more information to take more care of yourself, make connections, and become an activist for sexual freedom.

Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit takes place Thursday, August 14 – Sunday, August 17 at Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, VA. For more information or to register for the event, visit http://www.sexualfreedomsummit.org/.