Tagg Magazine, one of the only queer women’s publications in print in the United States, runs on freelance contributors’ writing and we welcome your pitches for article ideas.

What are we looking for in a pitch?

Tagg readers love:

  • Juicy relationship advice like how to spice things up
  • Dating advice like which dating apps are best
  • Profiles of cool queer and trans women doing amazing things
  • Queer women’s TV and movies news, reviews, recaps, round-ups, lists
  • Fashion-related content like masc women’s brands
  • The experiences, stories, and companies of queer and trans women of color
  • Sex-related content like best new vibrators
  • Stories, profiles, and tidbits from queer women’s history
  • Queer and trans women’s community politics like biphobia issues
  • Queer and trans women’s celebrity news
  • TikTok trends
  • Personal essays, opinion pieces, listicles

Be clear and thorough in explaining what the angle of your piece will be. Please check our website first to see if we’ve already covered the topic before pitching.

Please send links to three of your best relevant writing samples with your pitch if you haven’t written for Tagg before. If you don’t have three writing samples we will probably ask you to submit a completed draft of your piece instead of a pitch.

What are our rates?

Our pieces are about 350-1000 words long and we pay $75-175 per piece.

Where can you send pitches?

Please email pitches to Editor-in-Chief Sondra Rose Marie at smorris@taggmagazine.com. You’ll hear back within 10-14 days.