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7 Gender and Body-Inclusive Lingerie and Underwear Brands

3 JBC Lingerie Models

Last month, social media exploded in indignation after Vogue published an interview with “the architects” of the infamous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, including Ed Razek, chief marketing officer of Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, L Brands. In short, he explained that the fashion show doesn’t include trans women or plus-sized women because the company doesn’t believe they fit the “fantasy” viewers want to see. Post after post criticized Razek’s disparaging remarks. Bombarded by outrage, Victoria’s Secret issued a partial apology two days after the interview dropped.

While many of those offended saw the interview and resulting apology as a chance to pressure the lingerie behemoth to become more inclusive, others exercised the option to simply shop elsewhere. Money talks, and there are many similarly priced lingerie companies that celebrate gender and body diversity in every aspect of their business. For undergarments you can feel good buying, gifting, and wearing, here is a list of seven intimate clothing brands for readers of all body types and gender expressions.


Rebirth Garments

Rebirth Garments

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“Specializing in trans, gender queer and disability specific [sic] needs in lingerie and swimwear,” Rebirth Garments embraces a funky aesthetic that is radically joyful. All garments are fully customizable: there are no standard sizes listed, and each piece is made to order to fit each customer’s exact measurements. The shop’s order instructions even refer to “innie bits” and “outie bits,” avoiding any gendered language. The company clearly reflects founder Sky Cubacub’s desire to care for their community in an impactful way.



A well-known brand in many queer and trans circles, RodeoH intentionally offers underwear for individuals across the wide spectrum of gender identity. The majority of their briefs, boxers, and panties include o-rings so they can double as harnesses as the need arises, without the strap-induced confusion traditional harnesses often cause. Harness undergarments range in size from XS-3X depending on the cut, though the company recommends a snug fit as these garments see more motion than the typical underwear. RodeoH also offers a variety of cuts, colors, and patterns in packer underwear. These offerings go up to a 3X. RodeoH stands out in offering accessories for your underwear, including packing gear and STP devices, dildos, and vibrators. They’re a true one-stop shop!


JBC Lingerie

The first company on this list to offer traditional bras, Australian company JBC Lingerie carries sizes up to an H cup! While ready-to-wear underwear are only offered up to a size 20, the company’s sizing page includes this gem: “We celebrate all shapes and sizes at JBC Lingerie and understand that fitting into [standardized] sizing can often become a nightmare.” To that end, the company offers custom fitting for all their products at no extra change. If you’re still on the fence as to if this company is worth the $15-$28 international shipping fees, check out their social media and website: they’re unapologetically inclusive of varying body types and genders. The Just Babes Club showcases babes in all their natural beauty: untouched, unshaven, and across all gender expressions.



The most accessible and size-inclusive of all plus-size brands, Torrid is a woman’s clothing retailer that carries sizes 10 to 30 and up to a 6X. While gender-fluid options aren’t what the brand is known for, they offered a flicker of hope in 2017 when they partnered with body positivity influencer Troy Solomon for an Instagram campaign. The inclusion of a male figure on the company’s feed sparked a substantial backlash from followers. The post wasn’t removed but, unfortunately, the company hasn’t broached gender-fluidity in their marketing since.



Another staple of the LGBTQ community, Tomboy X offers more than just undergarments! They carry swimwear and loungewear as well. Sizes range from XS-4X across the site. In sticking to solid colors and basic prints, TomboyX’s clothing doesn’t favor any specific gender. Founders Fran and Naomi explain that they create “underwear that any body could feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum.” The company offers a first fit guarantee and a loyalty program to give your wallet a little break.


cantiq Los Angeles

Cantiq LA Lingerie


Cantiq offers pretty, lacy, hand-dyed lingerie that anyone can feel beautiful in. The brand features models of varying body types and gender expressions prominently on their Instagram page and online item galleries making it easy for anyone to imagine how the clothing will fit their body. Their gender-fluid collection is available in sizes XS-3X, all of which come with “with room” options in the front. Though the company’s ready-to-wear options only go up to a 3X, they offer custom orders with individual sizing  to serve all bodies.


Pretty Little Thing

A fashion brand that has literally made their name collaborating with social media influencers, Pretty Little Thing provides trendy lingerie options up to a size 24. There’s something gratifying about the woman’s clothing company’s decision to sell lingerie to everyday plus-sized individuals via paying other everyday plus-sized individuals to wear their clothes. Representation matters across all identities and Pretty Little Thing’s marketing empowers buyers to be the very representation they seek.


While I am grateful for each and every one of these companies, this list is far from perfect: only two of the seven brands included offer ready-to-wear options to customers over a size 20, but unfortunately neither of those brands intentionally provide options for gender-fluid or trans customers. For plus-size gender-nonconforming and trans individuals, options that celebrate the intersection of their identities are sparse. However, if we stop shopping brands that eschew diversity and instead support the companies who recognize individuals with plus-size, trans, and/or gender-fluid bodies as the beautiful and sexy folks of our fantasies, we enable changemakers in fashion to get one step closer to the fully inclusive reality we seek.








Sondra Rose Marie
Sondra Rose Marie
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