Activists carry a banner in support of same-sex marriage as supporters wave rainbow flags, in Tokyo, Japan, March 14, 2024.
Sapporo High Court Rules Japan’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional
March 25, 2024
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Russian Government Declares “LGBTQ Movement” Extremist
March 31, 2024

Unique Date Ideas for Every Budget

Two women hold each others' faces and smile at one another. One woman is white with red hair and the other is Black and has braids. Both look happy and in love.

Dinner-and-a-movie dates can be a fun classic, but sometimes they feel a little stale, leaving couples craving something more to reignite the spark in their relationship. Luckily, you have other options!

We are here to help with exciting and creative date ideas for every budget. Whatever your financial situation, keep your relationship fresh and adventurous. 

We’ve divided our list of options into three financial tiers: free, low-cost, and splurge-worthy.


Free Date Ideas

  • Stargazing: Escape the city’s hustle and bustle and find a rooftop or park with minimal light pollution to stargaze with your partner. You can download a stargazing app to identify constellations, share stories about the cosmos, and make wishes on shooting stars.
  • Volunteer together: Giving back to a cause you both care about can be a powerful bonding experience. Search for local volunteer opportunities that align with your interests. From animal shelters to community gardens, there’s truly something for everyone. This is a great way to spend time together.
  • Local art museums/galleries: Visit free art galleries, museums with free admission days, or historical landmarks in your city. Whether you choose to admire art, discuss exhibits, or soak up thistory together, you’ll spark new conversations and shared experiences in your relationship.  


Low-Cost Date Ideas

  • Board game cafe: Look up local board game cafés where you can grab drinks and snacks, choose a new game to learn together, and have a night filled with laughter and friendly competition. 
  • Learn a new skill together: Take a cooking class and explore a new cuisine, or try a pottery class and get creative with your hands. Not only will you have a fun date, but you’ll also gain a new skill you can enjoy together in the future.
  • Paint and sip: Channel your inner artistry at a paint and sip event. Enjoy drinks and beverages while following instructions or letting your creativity flow freely. It is a relaxed and fun way to express yourselves and create a memento of your date.
  • Attend an LGBTQ+ event: For a touch of something different, look for local LGBTQ+ events with free or low-admission tickets. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, creative costumes, and high-energy performances of a drag or burlesque show.


Splurge-Worthy Date Ideas

  • Couples spa day: Indulge in a luxurious couples spa day for ultimate relaxation and pampering. Enjoy massages, facials, and other treatments designed to melt away stress and rekindle romance. 
  • Weekend getaway: Another amazing date idea is to plan a short staycation at an expensive hotel in your city. Explore new restaurants, enjoy room service for breakfast in bed, and simply relish quality time together without the pressure to do anything stressful. 
  • Helicopter tour:  For a truly unforgettable experience, take a breathtaking helicopter tour. Soar above the city skyline and marvel at a natural landmark from a unique perspective, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


      Remember that the most important ingredient for a successful date night is genuine connection. Put away your phones, focus on each other, and reignite the spark that brought you together in the first place. Now get out there and create some unforgettable memories with your sweetheart.




Kehinde Adepetun
Kehinde Adepetun
Kehinde Grace Adepetun is a freelance writer with a passion for delivering engaging narratives. She has contributed insightful articles across various publications, showcasing her ability to delve into diverse topics.