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Clits, vulvas, vaginas – oh my! Celebrating pleasure in your life is a year-round necessary festivity. Here are ten of the best sex positions for sapphic sex that last a lifetime or simply as long as your next hookup.

The Lazy 69

With both partners laying on their sides, heads at opposite ends, you can both go to town going down on one another and stay comfortably intertwined for as long as you like!

Variation: Incorporate as many partners as you like in a circle of oral. There are plenty of tongues to go around!

Face Sitting

One partner lays on their back while the other faces them and positions themself over their partner’s face. If you have joint pain or are plus-sized, you can take away some weight by bracing yourself against a headboard or wall. The partner laying down is blissfully trapped to tongue your clitoris, vulva, or try rimming. Their hands can be free to grab your bum, finger your holes, or reach up to fondle your chest.


One partner lays down and the other straddles on top, facing their partner. You can try this with the person laying down wearing a strap-on, which is great for the person on top to be in control, for instance, if you’re trans and exploring sex after vaginoplasty or someone with pelvic pain. Try this position with clit-to-thigh grinding as well or flip around for Reverse Cowhand and present your bum to your partner while you go for a ride.


This position is a classic for G-spot pleasure and a great view of their partner’s rump for the person topping! If this version is hard on either partner’s knees, try pillows under them.

Variation: Ass-up: Rest on your head, if your neck allows, with your arms behind you. Then, you can stimulate yourself or use a clit suction toy while your partner eats you out or penetrates you. Turn your head to the side or scream into the bed until you climax!


Spooning is exceedingly comfortable and great for most shapes and sizes while feeling maximal skin contact. The person in the rear can reach around and pleasure their partner’s clit with their fingertips or a vibrator, all while thrusting with a strap-on from behind.


With heads at opposite ends and your legs spread to allow your pelvis to grind along your partner’s pelvis and thighs, you’re able to both experience clitoral stimulation. Incorporate throwing a leg over your partner’s shoulder and some light nipple pinching. This position also works well with double ended dildos where both partners can experience penetration a the same time and thrust against each others bodies.

Seated Eye Contact

One partner sits while the other partner is facing them with their legs wrapped around them. This position creates intimate eye contact and plenty of opportunities for kissing each other all over while you tease each other’s clits, share a vibrating wand, or the person on top rides the strap-on.

Bon appétit

While one person is sitting on the countertop, stool, ottoman, or swing, the other partner can stand and top with a strap-on/hands or explore delicious cunnilingus.


Laying next to one another while you stroke each other is an excellent way to reach simultaneous climax. Mix it up and engage mentally with dirty talk or try laying on your stomachs while you grind into one another’s lubed-up hands.

Legs Up

One partner lies on their back in an L-shape with their legs up and their partner can penetrate them, accessing the G-spot, or press their legs back toward their head, if flexible, and try clit-on-clit bumping this way.

Enjoy “mix-and-mashing” with these positions and have fun playing with your partner(s)!




Mel McGovern
Mel McGovern
Mel McGovern (they/them) is a student of what it means to heal. They previously coached yoga and aerial circus arts and, in their free time, Mel enjoys learning about the mind and body. As a means of adapting to their disability, they have learned new ways of expressing themself, such as writing and web development.. Mel can be found on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter @futurephoria.