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4 Tips for Moving in with Your Partner

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Nothing is more exciting than finally moving in with your partner. However, moving can be stressful, and living together can often be just as tough, as you will need to adapt to each other’s quirks. Read our advice for moving in with your partner.


1. Decide What to Take

You will both have many belongings to take with you, so get together to sift through each other’s possessions. That way you can ensure you only take the items you need, and by checking each other’s items, you can prevent taking two of the same item with you when you move in together which would only account to clutter.

So, decide what to throw away, donate or take with you to your new home. If you own belongings you don’t want to say goodbye to but would like to keep, then we recommend visiting Self-Storage Finders. You can search and reserve the unit online and can move the items into the space soon after.


2. Give Each Other Space

It is essential you both have enough space, as everyone needs a little alone time every once in awhile. Look for an apartment that will provide both of you with a little sanctuary. For example, couples should look for two bedroom flats/houses, so they have an extra space to disappear into which isn’t a bedroom or living room. While you might want to spend every day together, you do not have to spend every minute of the day in each other’s company. However, if finances are tight, consider a make-shift sanctuary, such as a designated armchair where your partner knows not to disturb you if you are sat there.


3. Set Realistic Expectations

Your partner has grown up in a different environment to you, so they might have different habits. For example, they might forget to put the toilet seat down, be a little lazy when it comes to household chores, or they may have next to no DIY skills. Try to set realistic expectations before you move in together, so you won’t have any surprises down the road that could lead to tension or arguments. Also, consider the art of compromise and create a to-do list if your partner is forgetful of when the trash needs to be taken out, etc.


4. Create Ground Rules

They say you don’t really know a person until you move in together, which can sometimes lead to bad habits. While you might not mind a person’s messy ways in their own home, you might absolutely hate their habits when you both live together.

Create ground rules to both live by. For example, you can either split the household duties down the middle, or you can take on specific jobs. For example, if your partner hates washing dishes, that can be your chore, while your partner is assigned doing laundry.


The key to a successful relationship is to communicate, which you should do not only when moving in, but when living with each other, too. So, organize items together, set realistic expectations and ground rules, and give each other space when one of you needs it.