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5 Questions for Sara Connell

Sara Connell

Sara Connell is a trans rights activist, a sex educator, and the host of the “Queer Sex Ed” podcast. On the show, she addresses questions you’ve been wanting to ask about safe, fun, and kinky sex in the queer community.

Connell’s mission is to provide the resources that she wishes she could have had, by openly discussing sexuality in all its forms.

1. Describe yourself in a six-word sentence.

Professional slut and queer sex educator.

2. What was the last thing you shared on social media?

I shared my most recent article, “Protecting Transgender People is Not a Political Choice.” I think that there’s this idea that being trans is inherently a political statement, and that talking or making decisions about us is also inherently political. Protecting us is morally right and correct, and there’s no right time for that. It doesn’t matter how well that’s polling for the midterms.

3. What do you think is the main challenge facing LGBTQ people in your community?

I feel like there’s this urge to run away from sexuality or hide our sexuality in order to appear more palatable or better for fundraising. Unfortunately, trying to appear more acceptable has ended up excluding a lot of members of our community, including sex workers, trans people, and those exploring alternative sexual or relationship experiences.

4. What is your favorite LGBTQ business where you live?

There’s this place called Studio Friction, it’s a place for kink education. They started out offering rope classes, but have expanded since then.

5. What advice do you have for people looking to get into sex education?

The formal jobs doing this work are very few and far between, so get started as early as possible. Volunteer where you can, and find those opportunities to educate yourself about what to present. Don’t be afraid to try out new ways of sharing your information: YouTube, Medium, podcasts–those are all valid. Use your skills and fuse that with your sexuality content.







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