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5 Ways to Spice Up the Grounds of an Old Commercial Property

the outside of a commercial building

Adding value to a commercial property is simple in theory – you just have to make the place look better, give it some charm, and fix up any major functional issues. However, when it comes down to actually choosing which project to get started with first, it can be a daunting task because there are so many different things that can be done to affect the property’s overall appeal and value. Commercial property owners typically hire property managers to deal with renovations and upkeep, but even many professionals don’t always know the right way to add spark to an old property. Here are some great ideas for starters.

1. Add Some New Plant Life
Many times, the grounds are what make a property look decrepit or bland. Even if the property already has a decent lawn, it wouldn’t hurt to add a modern-looking fountain accompanied by some new flower beds, bushes, and gardens. Incorporating exquisite landscaping is a technique often used by luxury architect Peter Marino for the enhancement of high-level commercial properties. Starting from the outside and then moving in will ensure that people are impressed before they even walk in through the door.

2. Pave a Few Walkways
Paved walkways and stepping stones can do a lot to preserve the lawn and make a place look more updated. Fresh pavement and hardscaping features are good indicators that a property has been recently maintained or renovated. Of course, walkways also improve access and are more welcoming to people with disabilities.

3. Create Patio and Lounge Areas
Having nowhere for guests to sit and relax is a horrible move on the part of any commercial property manager because it leads to a very inhospitable environment. Plus, without a patio, gazebo, or another type of lounge area, there would be nowhere for people to sit and gaze upon the beauty of the well-kept grounds. A barbecue pit and pool are great companions to this component.

4. Install Elegant Fencing
Fencing serves multiple purposes – it keeps animals and trespassers off the property, and it encloses the grounds to set the place apart from its surroundings. A new fence can also make the property look newer and it’s a relatively cheap project when you consider its benefits.

5. Incorporate Lawn and Hedge Design
A standard green lawn is great, but one that has special designs cut into it is even better. Use your grass and bushes to your advantage by letting a professional trimming and lawn sculpting service maximize the potential of your green space.

Adding to the Existing Structure
Another way to make an older commercial property look more modern is to add some space to the existing building. This could mean building a new lobby, adding a few rooms, or even the addition of another level. Whichever way you choose to do it, keep in mind that it will be a significant project, but the return could be worth it if it boosts the value of the property.