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Al Sura Celebrates Black History Month

‘Al Sura in Black’ parties for a purpose

In addition to its annual White Attire Affair, Al Sura In Black is another fundraising component geared towards raising funds for its mini-grant program. Proceeds from Al Sura’s mini-grant program is awarded to local Washington area grassroots organizations, community groups and individuals who meet the grant’s basic criteria.

“We are very proud to once again host this event and be at the forefront of HIV/AIDS and social awareness while empowering local grassroots organization through our mini-grant program” says Abdur-Rahim Briggs, Executive Board President.

Al Sura’s mission is to train a new generation of HIV/AIDS activists to become advocates within their community. The group also is an advocate for LGBTQ youth and seeks to increase its funding for their cultural events and mini-grant program while uniting ethnic/racial minority groups to end HIV/AIDS.

“It is critical that women attend Al Sura In Black because women play a critical role in the direction of our organization and community,” says Briggs. “We are really thrilled that this year’s special guest will be FOU-DRE Vodka’s CEO Chanel Turner, the first African-American LGBT woman to own her own vodka brand. Al Sura is supportive in her business venture.”

For more information about Al Sura, or to purchase tickets, visit www.alsura.org.