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'Anatomy of a Love Seen' Available Nation-Wide in November

Anatomy of a Love Seen, Tagg Magazine
Anatomy of a Love Seen, Tagg Magazine

Distribution powerhouse Gravitas Ventures has acquired the North American distribution rights to “Anatomy of a Love Seen”, the hugely popular lesbian-themed drama directed by Marina Rice Bader. The film will be available nation-wide on multiple VOD platforms as of November 4, 2014. The film is already available for pre-sale on iTunes – all sales before November 1 will exclusively receive a special gift.

Following the July 2014 premiere at the 32nd Annual Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival, Bader immediately gave the film its worldwide release as a $5 digital rental on Vimeo via the film’s website. While Bader wasn’t the first filmmaker to the direct-distribution game; she was one of the first ever out filmmakers to offer LGBT audiences around the world and cinephiles alike a lesbian themed feature film as a low-cost digital release immediately after its first festival premiere.

The announcement comes on the heels of the massive success of Bader’s online release which was seen in well over 100 countries and garnered extensive national and world-wide media coverage. Impressed with Bader’s achievements in the implementation of her innovative release strategy, Gravitas Ventures reached out to join forces and take distribution to the next level.

As of November 4, Bader’s film will be out in over 100 million homes with numerous cable, satellite, and telco operators including iTunes, Direct TV, Dish Network, Time Warner, Comcast and Mediacom to name a few.

Anatomy of a Love Seen stars Hollywood newcomers Sharon Hinnendael, Jill Evyn, and Constance Brenneman.  This film within a film explores love in all its painful and messy glory. Two women who shot a love scene for a film are in to re-shoot the scene, but without nudity, so the film can air on broadcast television. One hitch, and it’s a big one, Mal and Zoey, the stars of the film, had fallen in love during that scene. Mal inexplicably exits the relationship, leaving Zoey devastated. Now, they must re-shoot that magic moment … and action.

Filmed in five days, this improvised movie based on Bader’s story, characters and outline fulfilled her desire to create a very organic and visceral experience.  Anatomy of a Love Seen was made on a micro-budget, but that hasn’t stopped a huge online buzz with the trailer for the film now having reached more than a million views.




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