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Antigone Rising Launches Pledge Music Campaign for New Albums

Antigone Rising

Antigone Rising (Photo by Kathleen DiResta)

Antigone Rising, the all-female-boot-stompin’-alt-country-rock band from New York, has launched a Pledge Music campaign to raise funds, guerrilla style, for the recording, promotion, marketing and touring for their upcoming two new EPs, ‘Whiskey & Wine – Volume 1″ and “Whiskey & Wine – Volume 2”.

The fundraising campaign has already kicked off at http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/antigonerising with 5% of the proceeds to be donated to GLAAD upon hitting the targeted goal. The campaign is also granting backers the opportunity to get an exclusive advanced digital download of “Whiskey & Wine – Volume 1” before it’s available anywhere.

Asking their fans to be an integral part of the new project, Antigone Rising is offering exclusive incentives for ultimate access into the band’s 2014 exciting musical journey.

Antigone Rising, the band that exploded into the spotlight in 2005 becoming the first band on Starbuck’s Hear Music (Lava Records) selling over 150,000 copies of their debut LP, is set to release not one, but two 5-song EPs this year.

The first EP, “Whiskey & Wine – Volume 1,” featuring the singles Everything Changes, Whiskey & Wine, Call Me Crazy, Magnolia on the Breeze, Get To You, is already completed and will drop March 25, 2014. The second one, “Whiskey & Wine – Volume 2,” still in its production phase, is set to come out October 28, 2014.

Starting on March 25, 2014, the band will begin a never ending cycle, one song at a time, releasing a music video, followed by an acoustic or alternate mix version. The goal is to provide audiences a variety of online content from video interviews to blog posts all year long. Treating each song as a single, the band will dedicate 6 to 8 weeks on the individual promotion of each of the five songs featured on ‘Whiskey & Wine Volume 1’, and will keep the cycle going all through Fall when ‘Whiskey & Wine Volume 2,’ gets its October 28 release.

In the meantime, Antigone Rising is hitting the road again with tour dates lined-up across the United States, including an upcoming performance early February on the leadership and equality cruise sponsored by Olivia, along with The Indigo Girls.

The fab four comprised of Nini Camps (lead singer), Dena Tauriello (drums) and founding sisters Kristen Henderson (bass/vocals) and Cathy Henderson (guitar/vocals), are showing no sign of slowing down.