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Reel Affirmations Screens New Sundance Film

Appropriate Behavior Film, Tagg Magazine

On Friday, March 20 Reel Affirmations will be hosting a screening of Appropriate Behavior at the HRC Equality Center. Attendees can follow along as Shirin, the proud bisexual daughter of Iranian parents, fumbles through life and love in New York City.

Proving herself to be a rather relatable character, Shirin battles unemployment and emotional turmoil as she seeks to straddle intersections of race, sexuality, and expectations. She’s unapologetically  bisexual. Although she desperately seeks to repair relations with her ex-girlfriend, she maneuvers through several failed sexual exploits in hopes of winning her back.

Shirin balances living with her ex, being in the closet with her parents, and dealing with the pain of moving on all while looking for the answer to one of life’s toughest questions: “How do people meet, like each other, and agree to keep liking each other?”

Though it may be easy to write her off as a “sexually confused narcissist”, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a bisexual female character as the focal point of the plot. She knows what she wants and manages to forge her path, even when she doesn’t know exactly where she’s headed.

This 2014 Sundance Film Festival Selection isn’t afraid to explore themes of bisexual identity, love, and middle eastern culture, which proves to be a worthwhile view.

Reel Affirmations is screening Appropriate Behavior on March 20 at the Human Rights Campaign Equality Center located at 1640 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. For more information, visit


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