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In 2014, 40 percent of workers wanted to start their own business. However, many of these entrepreneurial hopefuls don’t follow through for a few reasons, which include lack of adequate finances and fear of failure. With some solid tips, tools and tricks — along with your own motivation and determination — you can start your business right away without breaking the bank, and while maintaining plenty of hope for success.

1. Choose the Right Business Avenue That Suits You

If you know that you want to become an instant business owner, but you haven’t yet chosen your path, you have many options that fit even within a modest budget. Start by breaking your dream business down into three categories and their possible components:

  • Sales – Selling surplus items you have on-hand, or re-selling items you’ve picked up at flea markets, rummage sales or scrap yards is a great way to start a business in today’s economy. For example, visit rummage sales to purchase old books in good condition then sell them at online outlets.
  • Skills – Skills like tax preparation, foreign language fluency, flooring installation, editing and math are needed by your local community.
  • Services – The possibilities are endless when it comes to services you can start providing instantly. A few ideas to get started include pet sitting, house and business cleaning, lawn mowing and general care and grocery delivery.

2. Check Out Reliable Resources for Information and Inspiration

Thanks to the internet, high-quality support and resources for entrepreneurs are often a click away and free. Amway offers insights into starting your own business with articles that feature self-starters just like you who have overcome the same struggles that worry you. Read posts that include themes like staying motivated during rough times, increasing productivity and reaching your targeting audience with an effective marketing campaign.

It’s also ideal to get feedback, tips, and advice from professionals like a business consultant, freelancer accountant, financial advisor, and attorney before launching your business. They can provide you with insights into how to establish, finance, and manage your business effectively.

3. Keep It Simple While Also Staying on Track

A business plan is important to help you set a course for your budget and projected goals, but you don’t have to go overboard. Entrepreneur graciously shared a secret with readers that a one-page business plan is all you need to get started. As long as you hit the following key points, you will be set:

  • Define your vision
  • Describe your mission
  • State your objectives
  • Lay out your strategies
  • Draw up a simple action play that describes how you will meet your objectives

4. Rely on Every Source of Support Possible

Anyone who has become an instant business owner has had to rely on the kindness of strangers. As long as you believe in your business, you have no reason to worry about networking in your community and reaching out for available resources. Just a few resources that are perfect for entrepreneurs like yourself include your local Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Administration (SBA), SCORE for mentoring, Due for invoicing, Small Business Development Centers (SMDC) and Women’s Business Centers. Remember to keep an eye out for local business fairs where you can pass out business cards, brochures and work samples to introduce yourself to your local business community.

5. Let Everyone Know You’ve Launched Your Business
Finally, launch a basic website, at the very least to have a place to direct your clients to inform them of your services or skills. You can also start a Facebook page and Twitter account to gain social media presence. Anything you can do to attract positive attention to your business will help you become established faster.

Applying a few of these ideas, along with a few of your own, should help get you started on your expedited entrepreneurial journey toward becoming an instant business owner.