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Beyond Networking and Lunch

Blue Telusma

LGBTQ creatives and professionals discuss manifesting connections

Blue Telusma

The Grio’s Blue Telusuma will host the Beyond event on April 10.

On Sunday, April 10, get ready to change the way you think of networking and lunch. Premiering the soft launch of Cee Smith Media Group and facilitated by writer Blue Telusma, Beyond is an innovative take on facilitating networks and connections. Participants are encouraged to use their strengths to help support others and/or find networks to help take their brand to the next level. Beyond will not be the usual lunch and networking affair. It will be a combined effort to build stronger and longer lasting connections in the LGBTQ community. The event also includes music, film screenings, and strategy discussions.

Beyond will take place at The Loft in Washington, D.C. Crys C of The Coolots will be performing live in her first solo set of the year. DJ Stud Phamous from Rainbow Noise will also be making a guest appearance. Organizers promise plenty of good music to vibe to while you enjoy the open bar. This will also be a chance to view short six minute never before seen films geared towards LGBTQ community.

To better facilitate effective networking, guests will be asked to write their strengths on a card. Participants will let people know if they have extensive knowledge of a particular field, if they have a long contact list to be tapped into, or if they have the planning skills to get any and everything done. The cards will be used to better link individuals that can help each other take their businesses to the next level. The community is filled with a lot of capable people. Cee Smith shares, “Our focus is to match people effectively with other capable people to give them what they’re are missing. Also to give leadership abilities to those who wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity.”

beyond Flyer3Another novice idea that Cee Smith Media Group is bringing to the lunch is a round table discussion facilitated by media maven Blue Telusma. Get answers to tough questions such as; how to get your business off the ground, how to make your events sustainable, and how to help someone else take their business to the next level. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussion and come together to create solutions to problems in the LGBTQ community.

Cee Smith speaks on her personal experience coming up in the industry, “When I was younger, there weren’t opportunities. There was no network, especially being queer. People didn’t want to invest in me because of my sexuality.”

As Rainbow Noise—the entertainment company that specializes in marketing lesbian and gay talent to mainstream audiences without compromising the artists’ individual style or gender presentation—Cee Smith learned invaluable lessons. Now that she has gained experience, Cee Smith is giving opportunity to people needing it. She is using this event to “bring awareness to the fact that we can do more together. We are all small pieces but we can accomplish much more as a big pie. Really find the most effective way to facilitate help.” Cee Smith hopes to use her Media Group to maintain consistent discussions in the future concentrating on specializing the luncheon to cater to one industry. The creative agency is dedicated to helping LGBTQ narratives get off the ground.

For more information on Rainbow Noise and their upcoming events, visit Beyond is a free event that takes place on April 10 at 1 p.m. at The Loft located at 600 F St. NW, Washington, D.C. Entry is guaranteed with RSVP to info@rainbownoiseent. Professional dress is encouraged.