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Bored In Quarantine? Invest In One of These Products to Pass the Time

If you’re like most Americans across the U.S., you may be experiencing something akin to whiplash as we watch states struggling to deal with the impact of COVID-19 and quarantines being extended. It’s hard to give up your routines, such as hanging out with friends, going to work, and eating at your favorite late-night taco shop. Not to mention the loss of freedoms, rampant uncertainty, and plain old boredom that plagues our everyday. 

If a version of “what am I going to do staying at home for so long?” is on a loop in your head right now, you’re not alone. So, to combat boredom and not give you yet another list of dry goods to stock up on, we’ve put together a different kind of list. This one details a few of the best investments you can buy to stay sane and make home a bit more fun while you’re there.

1. Smart Displays

Because humans are meant to be social creatures with lots of in-person interaction, social isolation doesn’t only feel hard emotionally, it’s proven to be physically hard as well. Social interactions, such as hugging someone, are known to lower stress levels and act as an immune booster. But with more and more people staying separated from family and friends, it’s important to do your best to find a way to stay socially engaged. That’s where smart displays such as Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Home Hub can help you get in some necessary face time with loved ones.

2. Premade Meal Kits

Been supporting local restaurants for weeks now? That’s admirable. But we all know there’s nothing quite as satisfying after weeks of takeout than a meal made at home. If you’re hoping to avoid the weird world that are grocery stores at the moment, why not try a meal delivery service? There are countless versions on the market, with each kit promising something attractive to buyers. Whether you’re looking for one sourcing organic ingredients, more concerned with affordability, or just wanting to level up your skillset in the kitchen, there’s little doubt you can find your perfect fit.

3. Cox Contour to Stream Live TV

In the days of streaming services, many of us have just settled into watching widely popular shows whenever they become available. But one of the high points of being quarantined is we don’t have to settle for the prerecorded viewings we use to. Now we have the time actually to watch TV episodes as they air! Everything from red carpet premieres, award shows, and live sports can be viewed in real-time. For now, when music venues, outdoor concerts, and the like are nonoperational, live TV sounds kind of thrilling, right?

4. Infrared Mat

These days meditation sounds like something we should be doing more of. Mindfulness, breath-focused, and mantra repetition are all forms of meditation that can reduce anxiety and lessen stress levels. But in times like these, sitting in a chair while deep breathing may not cut it. That’s why we suggest you supercharge your mindfulness practice with the addition of an infrared mat. These specialty mats claim to impart the same benefits as infrared saunas such as regulating the body’s immune, endocrine, lymphatic, and nervous systems but at a fraction of the cost.

Take It 24 Hours at a Time

Even though these lock downs are not ideal, try focusing on the positive rather than focusing on what’s been lost. Take this opportunity to find a new way to connect to loved ones or watch a season finale live. Try new things that might have otherwise been pushed aside in the busyness that was our normal everyday lives.