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Brooklyn Wright Is Using Tech to Create a Financially Abundant Black Queer Community

brooklyn wright

“The Great Resignation” is challenging people across the U.S. to reconsider what they deserve and how they earn their pay. For entrepreneur, financial disruptor, and radical dreamer Brooklyn Wright, this is a conversation that’s been brewing for a long time.

As the Director of Partnerships at Out In Tech, Wright is working daily towards the goal of getting as many queer Black folks as possible into a place of wealth and financial abundance. Out in Tech exists to connect LGBTQ+ folks within the tech industry—from helping them find jobs to networking and realizing social change. “Money and tech say power in America, and I want to help people who look like me get a piece of that,” Wright says.

In a world where the pursuit of money is often demonized, Wright flips the script, educating others on how wealth leads to much more than personal gratification, especially in the hands of the country’s most marginalized. With adequate finances, Wright believes we can put money behind politicians and causes that help our community, we have the freedom to make choices based on what’s best for us rather than what keeps food on the table, and we free ourselves and our loved ones from the stress of the grind.

This perspective shift can be difficult. Wright suggests that Black queer folks open themselves to the tough conversations that may be required to overcome mental barriers. “We can’t be abundant and broke,” Wright points out, “and we’ll get left behind if we don’t get our act together.” Wright wants Black queer folks to know that building an abundant Black queer community is possible and gives us the power to support one another in life-changing ways.

For those who may doubt their ability to be part of the wealthy Black queer community, Wright’s success serves as inspiration. Before breaking into tech, Wright founded Boi Society, which proudly bills itself as “the largest and most diverse platform for tomboys, androgynous, and genderless beings.” Living in the Bay Area, Wright saw the possibilities for building wealth in the tech space and set out to secure a job in the industry. It took two years of networking and exploring how Wright’s entrepreneurial skills best fit into a tech career before Wright finally landed at Out In Tech.

Now, Wright’s focus is to continue climbing the financial ladder and empowering others. “I’m happy as hell. I have a new home with room to share. I’m giving from my saucer, but I don’t want to live in this abundant community alone,” Wright says.” I want my beautiful Black queer community here with me.” The beautiful truth is that, thanks to Wright’s work, more of us can be.



Sondra Rose Marie
Sondra Rose Marie
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