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Careers That Benefit From Tech Skills

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Even if you are not planning on entering a career in the field of technology, tech skills can come in quite handy in a variety of other ways. Continue reading to uncover a short list of just a few of the careers in which professionals can become even more effective with the help of tech skills. You may be surprised by some of these career paths, which are quite far removed from technology positions like data scientists and software engineers.

Design Work

If you’re a creative and artistic individual thinking about entering the field of design, you may not think that you need any tech skills, so a degree in computer information systems, or a CIS degree, from one of the best schools in the country won’t even cross your mind.

But the truth is that, whether you’re planning on designing for print or web, you’ll need to master software programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. And you may even need to code designs by using HTML and CSS, along with jQuery and JavaScript. If you do not have these tech skills, you will quickly fall behind the competition who can do more when it comes to meeting their customers’ needs. While the creation of flyers, postcards, and other material needed in print advertising can be easily done using online tools like MyCreativeShop, other types of design work may require more specialized skills.


Even when it comes to writing, you might not think that you need to know much about technology, but when it comes to online media in the form of e-books, blogs, and websites in general, you need to have some tech skills in order to effectively navigate and use a CMS (content management system) like Drupal or WordPress.

Plus, if you are a freelance writer, you should also know how to create and maintain your own website for purposes of developing an online presence that will differentiate you from the competition.


For marketing, you may think that you only need to know good sales tactics and promotional strategies. But in addition to the people skills that you will need to succeed, you also need to have tech skills. After all, you have to be able to research your target audience, determine their needs, and then speak to those needs in order to entice people to purchase your products or services.

But beyond knowing how to write ad copy and manage salespeople, you should also have an understanding of SEO and UX design so that any website that you are using to promote a company will be effective. If you have experience in CSS and HTML, you will even be able to design your very own marketing emails effectively, and if you know how to use analytics tools, you will be able to determine just how effective your various marketing strategies are, from your SEO on your websites to your email campaigns and more.

These are just three jobs of many that will benefit from tech skills even though they are not directly related to technology. Because technology is everywhere you turn and it is used by so many pros, having tech skills is definitely valuable today.