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Musician Christen B Releases New Music Video

Christen B from Baltimore

An interview with a Baltimore-based queer artist and indie singer & songwriter


An artist, only inspired by energy and organic emotion, she gives us raw, emotional music syncopated to her heartstrings. Christen B‘s new single, “ Maybe One Day” will easily transport you back to the first time you loved someone you could not have. This melodic manna from heaven is perfectly paired with a video that flawlessly moves you through a variety of emotion. In the visually stunning yet simple bedroom, you can literally see the beating of a broken heart. This promising artist is poised for an authentic career paced by the rhythm of her own beat.


How would you describe your style?

My musical style is emotional. The lyrics and the feel change based on my energy and what I am going through at that moment. My first EP was very peaceful and organic because for the first time in my life, I was in a place of true peace and happiness.


Who are your influences?

This may seem weird, but I am an artist who would rather hear silence than music. Although there are many songs that I love, I find them to be distracting if I am trying to create. In order for me to really enjoy music, I have to step out of artist mode and into fan mode. However, energy is very influential to my process. I have recently been surrounded by some amazing artists and I believe that their creative vibes aid in my growth as an artist.


When did you know you wanted to sing?

I have had the ability to sing for as long as I remember. My mother is a singer and would sit my brother and I on the couch and let us sing backup for her as she rehearsed. That really trained my ear and opened my mind up to harmonies and composition. As life happened, I started losing my confidence. The joy I once found in music began to fade. Singing became simply something I did. I still wrote music but was not focused on making it my career. Then, in June of 2012, my brother was killed by an off duty police officer and this changed my life forever. Music seemed to be the only way I could even begin to talk about what I was feeling. The songs that I created during that time were simple and raw and they helped me to be okay with not being okay. I felt like I was in my element. I started performing at open mics around Baltimore. The love and support I received blew me away. My fiancé convinced me to quit my job and concentrate on recording my debut EP “Begins at the End”.  Once I released the EP, every conversation, performance, and fan was confirmation that making music is my destiny.


Have you worked with anyone locally?

I worked with a friend and amazing poet by the name of Rebecca Dupas on her most recent project “Decade Three.” Her poem, “I’ve Learned,” is amazing, and I am glad she asked me to be a part of it. Outside of that, I haven’t done many collaborations. Not because I am opposed but more so because they haven’t come naturally. I pay close attention to energy and the way I feel in every moment so I’d rather be patient and allow the magic to happen when its right, than to rush it for the sake of saying I have a song with someone. That being said I have many talented friends and artists in my space so the magic is soon to come.


What is your biggest win as an indie artist?

I love having creative control.The ability to switch my vibe, the instruments I use in my music, or even the way I dress is so important to who I am as an artist. I don’t want to fit in a box or only cater to a certain crowd. I love being able to create freely and let any and everyone vibe out with me.


What is your biggest challenge?

Being different. As much as people enjoy new things, they have an idea of who they think you should be or what they think music is. I sing and play softly, so some people tell me to play louder and sing louder because that is what they like hearing. I find myself explaining my artistic choices more often than I’d like.


Are indie artists more poised for success or do you feel you need a big label?

In a way, yes. Labels already have a network of all the necessary pieces to the music industry’s puzzle. They will make you the most marketable performer and make sure everyone knows your name. The road to stardom is already figured out for you as long as you do what they say. Indie artists work in a grassroots sort of way. They build a fan base locally and branch out by building relationships with their supporters and networking with other local artists. The journey for an indie artist is full of small accomplishments, which takes the shock out of mainstream “success”. And because of the love of music that indie artists have, they will never slack on the quality of music they produce just because of the fame.


A great songwriter and singer connects her listeners with the emotion of a song.  I felt the heartbreak in your single “ Maybe One Day.” Will you share the story behind it?

I spent the early summer months of 2011 falling in love with an amazing woman who was already taken. She showed me what true happiness felt like and I thought for sure she was my soul mate. Normally I wouldn’t mind being casual and having no real attachments, but with her I wanted more. I wanted a life with her…to grow old with her and to start a family with her. I knew that she wasn’t in a place to give me all that I wanted, so I told her that I had to go. This song poured from my broken heart easily. The lyrics were exactly what I was feeling. My heart was too heavy to actually share my thoughts with her in that moment, so I recorded it in 45 minutes to be exact. In the raw version of the recording, you can actually hear that I’ve been crying. Never in a million years would I have imagined that it would be my first music video! I guess the heartache wasn’t in vain because in the end I have a video and the girl! We are getting married on May 15th!


How is your music being distributed?

My EP is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and physical copies are available at performances.

For more information on Christen B or her upcoming shows click here.