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Top 7 Common Myths About the Fashion Industry

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Fashion is a multi-trillion-dollar industry and it’s obvious to see why it plays such a large role in society. Every fashion designer and clothing manufacturer wants to make fashionable, admirable, and trend-worthy clothes for their customers.

Most people like to keep up with current fashion trends and big moments in the industry. However, being such a large industry, it has garnered countless myths and stereotypes that have been going around for decades, and people still believe them to this day.

The following are some common misconceptions and popularly believed myths about the fashion industry and fashion designers.

Fashion is Blindly Followed by People

It’s true that several big influencers and fashion experts blindly follow fashion trends created by other people, like trendy womens tops, without showing credit or being creative at all. Though that’s not largely the case for most other people.

So many individuals in the industry come up with new, era-changing trends, make their designs, and then manufacture them. The majority of fashion designers work independently and are acknowledged for creating unique styles.

Fashion Designers Make Expensive Items

The myth that all designer clothing and products are pricey is largely a fault of the media and publishers that highlight celebrity outfits in red carpet events. Fashion designers specifically manufacture those luxurious items for celebrities.

In truth, designers understand that ordinary people in the fashion industry aren’t going to buy such products, so they also create affordable and reasonably priced goods.

For instance, while a Chanel dress might cost $4,000, a typical Chanel perfume only costs $200. They design and manufacture these pieces that are affordable for regular people.

You Need to be Creative to Get into the Industry

Being creative certainly isn’t a requirement to enter the fashion industry. There are tons of designers and brands that take inspiration from other brands, magazines, and social media. Many trendy designer clothing is a replica that has come from something before it, but with a unique and modern twist.

All you need to be successful in fashion is to know fashion sense and style, and know how to work the industry.

It Takes Millions of Dollars to Start a Fashion Company

While certainly, it’s necessary to invest some amount of money into whatever business venture you want to start, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to already be rich in the first place. Several opportunities, including custom online fashion stores and e-commerce stores like Amazon, have made it possible for anyone to start a business of any kind with little to no money needed.

Even then, it’s not all about the money you have, what matters is the time and dedication you put into your efforts. When starting a fashion business, you typically need to consider the following steps:

  1. Identify a niche or demand in the market
  2. Create a business plan
  3. Choose a brand name and logo
  4. Develop an audience
  5. Start designing your products
  6. Get in contact with a manufacturer
  7. Begin the marketing process and start selling

Fashion Designers Must be Able to Sew and Sketch

People outside the fashion industry tend to believe that fashion designers spend their entire day sewing clothes or making physical sketches. In reality, it’s a huge misconception. A fashion designer’s job is much more than just sewing all day.

It might have been true in the past, but with modern technology and computers, fashion designers simply need to launch a design program on their laptops and start sketching. After they’re done, they send the design over to a manufacturing department and let them handle the making process.

Blogs and Magazines Favor Advertisers

Favoring advertisers more than the average person is nothing new or specific to the fashion industry. Whether it’s on the top of the first search result page on Google or the front page of a magazine, advertisers are favored because the fashion industry is largely dependent on advertising money to thrive.

However, advertisers don’t control how or what the magazine or clothing brand chooses to promote. A lot of magazine publishers have moved on to alternative methods of gaining funds so they have complete control of what to cover and how to do it.

All Photos Are Photoshopped

Certainly, photoshop, airbrushing, and various other editing techniques are an integral part of photography. Anybody can take a picture and make it look significantly better with simple editing tools. But this isn’t the case in the modeling industry.

It would take a lot more time, money, and effort to hire a professional photo editor and make models look the way they do. In reality, most models are as attractive as they look in pictures and are much cheaper than the alternative. This is the reason models exist in the first place, if there was no need for them, everyone would work as a model.




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