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Companies that Support LGBTQ+ Rights

Employees at work

Photo by Brooke Cagle

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it can be challenging to know which companies are supportive of your lifestyle because growing evidence that millennials are more likely to support a company after knowing that they support LGBTQ+ rights and equality. Pride collections are one of the most common ways that companies support the community, but beyond these collections, many companies don’t do anything to show their support. Here are some big names that do.


The most profitable tech company in the world is managed and steered by a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Tim Cook. Apple reflects a culture of acceptance at their offices and continuously work to diversify their employees: 53% of new recruits come from underrepresented demographics. Apple has also won ‘Best Place to Work’ for LGBTQ+ community members by the Human Rights Campaign, scoring a perfect score on its equality index for 16 years. If you support Apple for their work on improving diversity, make sure you are aware that their Human Rights achievements are Western-oriented, they have much room for improvement elsewhere.


Nike was awarded as one of the best places for LGBTQ+ equality in 2019 by the Human Rights Campaign and came as number 6 in the top 25 most LGBT-Friendly employers. As they are a fashion company, they take the opportunity to support LGBTQ+ communities with their ‘Be True’ collection, with proceeds going towards LGBTQ+ initiatives.

Just Eat

This international online food delivery company participates in the LGBT awards, promoting and supporting the individuals who they consider to be outstanding in their contribution to LGBTQ+ life. They include a diverse range of genders of multiple ethnicities. Just Eat have an LGBT+ and Allies network that encourages an inclusive culture for their workers across the globe, and they don’t have any accusations of cruelty like Nike and Apple. You can support them by choosing them over other delivery companies or by getting a Just Eat gift card from Gifts


Although Amazon has come under fire for how hard their warehouse operatives have to work, they have a culture of inclusion and state that the best leaders are those who have diverse perspectives. Amazon also has a program called Glamazon, which works closely with members in 60 locations across the world to host loads of community events, celebrate pride and make sure that they are as inclusive as possible with the LGBTQ+ community.


Coca-Cola is another company that has been very supportive of the LGBTQ+ community for years. They made trans employees feel supported by tailoring health coverage towards them back in 2011, and have since then started helping employees with any tax expenses that might be forced on them if their same-sex partner has been enrolled in healthcare benefits.

These 4 companies are giants, but they demonstrate that they go beyond their competitors with their support for the LGBTQ+ community. As with any company, however, make sure you understand how all their workers are supported, not just those in their offices, before championing their brand.