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Lindz Amer’s Queer Kid Expertise Takes Book Form
June 9, 2023
Should've Been Gay: Merida with Steph Rizo
Should’ve Been Gay #107: Merida from Brave with Stephanie Rizo
June 13, 2023

Hey Courtney, Robin has a question for you…

Courtney Ramsey

Courtney Ramsey (Photo courtesy of Robin Flemming)

We met seven years ago at Tagg‘s FUSE Pride Party. As photographer’s, we were both there to capture the event.

Who knew back then that you would eventually capture my heart?

Robin Kenyetta

Robin Flemming

Do you remember the night and the performances? It was a great night because I had a blast, but most importantly I met you.

Then just a few weeks later, you joined the team as an official Tagg photographer allowing us to reconnect.

And just a few months later, we went out on our first date.

Courtney and Robin


And, we’ve been doing this thing called life ever since…

Courtney Ramsey and Robin Flemming pose under heart

(Photo courtesy of Robin Flemming)


Photo by Andres Bakker


So through the media outlet that brought us together, it’s only fitting that right here, I ask you…



Robin holding the ring






She said yes




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