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Arm Wrestling for Charity

DC Lady Arm Wrestlers prepare for local championship


By Michelle L.

Ladies Arm Wrestling

What’s the most unexpected way to raise money for charity? How about a ladies arm wrestling tournament? Here comes the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers (D/CLAW), a group of D.C. metropolitan area women who wrestle for charity.

On Saturday, December 7, eight sassy women will be pitted against each other in a tournament style arm wrestling match. These women will let you know that strength is not only in the muscles. A badass attitude will go a long way.

The competitors will be letting their alter-egos loose with their very own wrestling persona, complete with costume, bio, and theme song. This year’s group includes “Amy Smackhouse”, “Nadi by Nature”, and “Jackie O’ Nasty”. Inevitably, there will be some very interesting exchanges and onstage acts. We’ll let your imagination fill in the rest.

Each competitor will have their own entourage of supporters to get the crowd fired up and betting on their wrestler. All proceeds raised from the event go to a chosen local charity that benefits women and girls.

Over the past two years, D/CLAW has held 11 events, raising over $40,000. Last month, the group raised $6,100 for Miriam’s Kitchen, translating into over 6000 meals, through bets on the wrestlers and special auctions including $300 for a date with Tutu’s gaggle and $600 for a “binder of women” featuring the women of D/CLAW.

What’s the secret behind all the fundraising success? A group of amazing women who are a driving force behind whatever they are involved with. D/CLAW is one of 20 chapters across the nation that make up the National Coalition of Ladies Arm wrestlers, who all put on events for charity.  The coalition will soon become international, with groups forming in the Netherlands and in Brazil.

Competitors and supporters of the events are a diverse set of women who encompass all shapes, sizes, ages, background, and professions. The events are about camaraderie and celebrating what it means to be strong.

If you are looking for a hilarious evening with super powered women, the D/CLAW events are definitely worth checking out. All proceeds go to local charities. And, if you ever have aspirations to become a contestant, e-mail

Location: American Legion Post 8, 224 D Street SE, Washington, DC
When: Saturday, December 7
Time: Doors open at 8pm, Wrestling begins at 8:30pm

Ebone Bell
Eboné Bell
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