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DC Shorts Film Festival Features LGBTQ Showcase

Scene from Pool, woman floating in water

Scene from "Pool" (Photo courtesy of Courtney of DC Shorts)

DC Shorts Film Festival is back and bigger than ever for their 14th annual event that fills 11 days with hundreds of short films from all over the world, parties, workshops and free screenings taking place in various venues all over Washington, D.C. Now now through September 17, you can catch a mixed bag of short films ranging from one to 30 minutes long (or shall we say short) from every genre, language, and subject you can think of. While most of the showcases feature films grouped by length or topic, some of them are organized by theme. One of them in particular is called the LGBTQ Showcase, happening Thursday, September 14 at 7:30 p.m. at Landmark’s E Street Cinema.

Film Festival Director Kimberley Bush says, “While I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite screening, the LGBTQ Showcase is near and dear to my heart. I love seeing films from all around the globe that tell stories from our diverse universal community.”

This year’s showcase will feature six short films from the United States, Brazil, and Spain, from comedies to dramas to documentaries. An autobiographical documentary about a gay boy growing up in the Soviet Union, Little Potato, is already getting a lot of buzz from audience and critics alike. Pool, a 20-minute drama from Brazil focuses on a woman who looks into her grandmother’s past as a German fugitive from WWII. You can watch the trailer here. Another drama, The Real Thing, is a seven-minute drama about a man returning from war and finding out that his son is now his daughter. Dusk, a 15-minute short from the UK, also explores trans issues, exploring a trans man’s fictitious experiences in 1950s England. Also included in the showcase is documentary Better Known As Peaches Christ, and comedy, The Whole World.

There are other LGBTQ films screening outside of the showcase including Homework, a seven-minute drama that will play at the free Outdoor Showcase at Farragut Square on Thursday, September 14 at 7:20 p.m. You can bring your picnic blanket and watch Homework along with five other shorts from around the world.

If you can’t decide on which events to attend, you can grab an All Access Pass that will get you into every showcase, party, workshop and the Online Film Festival, where you can watch the films from your computer, mobile device or Roku.

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