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April 16, 2014
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Spring Singing with District Karaoke

women singing at district karaoke


Registration for District Karaoke’s Spring 2014 season is now open, attracting hundreds of karaoke lovers from across the Metro D.C. region. Described as the district’s first and only social, team-based karaoke league, District Karaoke provides a safe, structured place for persons to come and sing their heart out with friends and fellow karaoke lovers.

“Our mission is to grow and sustain a community for young professionals who want to meet other young professionals through singing in a safe and friendly environment,” says Jesse Rauch, Commissioner of District Karaoke, who works closely with community organizations such as Collective Action for Save Spaces and the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

District Karaoke ensures that all members of the Metro D.C. area can engage in their social event by hosting weekly competitions at five different locations throughout Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. Patrons join a team of 6-8 performers to sing along to self-selected tunes, sometimes in alignment with a common weekly theme. Performers access the online songbook, select songs in advanced, and perform in a head-to-head match-up with another team for three rounds of play. The first two rounds are solo rounds; the third round is a group performance. At the end of each round, everyone in the bar has the option to score the performers on his or her smartphone.

“Every season has five different themes distributed over the ten weeks of play,” explains Rauch. “They’re almost always different each season.”

From boy bands and girl bands, twosomes and threesomes, to 90s mixtape, and return of the 80s, District Karaoke takes into account patron suggestions, as well as holiday seasons in creating these themes. At the end of the season, District Karaoke hosts the semi-finals and finals competition to determine which teams go to the city wide finals to compete with patrons from other locations.

“District Karaoke proudly supports the LGBTQ community and we want to let readers of Tagg Magazine can get 10 percent off their registration for our spring 2014 season,” says Rauch, who notes that many members of our community are already attending and getting in on the fun. Those interested are encouraged to use the code SEIZETHEMIC on the registration page.

Not sure? Visit their website and Facebook page for more information about District Karaoke!

[wpspoiler name=”Join a District Karaoke Team” ]Participants can join an existing team or register as a free agent and participate at any of the following locations:
Mondays @ Ri Ra Irish Pub (Clarendon)
Mondays @ Irish Channel (Chinatown)
Tuesdays @ Policy Restaurant & Lounge (U Street)
Wednesdays @ Policy Restaurant & Lounge (U Street)
Thursdays @ Acre 121 (Columbia Heights)[/wpspoiler]