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Dress For Success

Signe Williamson, Tagg Magazine

Signe Williamson

Signe’s Basement Boutique offers cargo pants to cocktail dresses

We’ve all heard the expression “You only have one time to make a first impression.” Signe Williamson not only understands this saying, but she has made a lifestyle from embracing this expression. Ten years ago Williamson started working for Etcetera, a direct sales leader in fashion for women. Slowly she turned her business into Signe’s Basement Boutique in Falls Church, VA.

Before becoming a leader in her industry, this fashionista started out as a theater major at Cornell University, acting side by side with Glee actress and comedian Jane Lynch. Now, her larger than life personality is gaining her a reputation as a chic stylist for women on the go.

Dealing with women in business is a specialty where she excels. Williamson focuses on building business wardrobe, “when it’s time to kick butt and take names.”

“A lot of my professional clients are dressing for the job they want, not the job they have. They’re just about to vault into Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and Chief Executive Officers. [They’re] ambition driven women,” says Williamson.

Signe's Basement Boutique, Tagg Magazine

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Signe’s Basement Boutique is like walking into a stylish department store without the hassle of the mall. She transforms into a personal stylist for each of her clients, while supplying a relaxed atmosphere with wine and other treats.

When it comes to her customers, honesty is the best policy. “The most important thing in this business is to be honest. If you tell someone they look cute in something and they don’t, they are never going to come back. I refuse to sell that way to people,” says Williamson.

Now, she is eager to bring another associate into the business. “Someone with drive, ambition, and style” is just the type of person she is ready to mentor.

And, the advice she has for people wanting to upgrade their business attire? “You have to dress for the life you want. And that [also] includes your casual wardrobe because when you take yourself more seriously it totally goes out there. We have one life; you don’t get do-overs on this, so why would you go out unprepared and not looking your best? If you know what you’re best is than do it because it comes off authentic.”


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