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An Interview with CAGLCC’s Director of Women’s Initiatives

Eleasa Du Bois

Eleasa Du Bois (middle) with Women's Wednesday attendees, 2015.

Eleasa DuBois talks about Women’s Wednesdays and networking

Eleasa Du Bois

Eleasa Du Bois (middle) with Women’s Wednesday attendees, 2015.

Tagg: How long have you been on the board of the Capital Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CAGLCC)?
Du Bois: I served a full term of three years as a board member. Because of my passion for elevating women in business and expanding awareness of our services, products and resources in the community, I opted to serve an additional year as a board member to continue to make a difference.

Tagg: Why are Women’s initiatives important to CAGLCC?
Du Bois: Often times, as in personal relationships, female LGBTQ business owners and professionals are nesters. When some become accomplished, we stay inside our small, yet comfortable circles of influence. The Chamber provides a safe, comfortable place to network, socialize and share resources within the LGBTQA community. I am a firm believer in creating our own economy and learning how to create value and edify other professionals in the community is very important.

Tagg: Tell us more about Women’s Wednesdays. What can people expect?
Du Bois: Women’s Wednesday events take place on the theird Wednesday of every month. It’s a safe, nurturing space for those who want to socialize and make targeted connections in the LGBTQA community.

Tagg: Why is it important for women to be a part of CAGLCC?
Du Bois:
Women need to learn the art of power networking. A lot of women are givers by nature. This giving spirit can be transcended into knowledge and power in a business community. The Chamber provides networking, education and empowerment opportunities exclusively for women who want to grow business in the LGBTQA community.

Tagg: Why are you involved in The Chamber?
Du Bois: I saw a need for more women to be involved in the Chamber. I want to make a difference and position women to win by instilling value in building nourishing business relationships. I choose to be a catalyst for change by serving within the leadership of the Capital Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Tagg: The next Women’s Wednesday is on a Friday. Why the change in March?
Du Bois:
In honor of Women’s History Month, we are mixing it up a bit and hosting an event on Friday, March 25. A free event to share the benefits and connections of the Chamber with more people in our community.

Tagg: What can people expect this Friday?
Du Bois:
We will network and nibble as we reconnect with colleagues and make new contacts. Attendees will meet & greet our newest female board member, Frantzces Lys who is excited about lending her expertise to our Communication & Membership committees.

Tagg: How can people get involved in Women’s Wednesday and The Chamber?
Du Bois:
To get involved & learn more, visit our website here:

Tagg: Anything else you want us to know?
Du Bois:
There are are multiple free opportunities to become acquainted with the Chamber and Women’s Wednesday this month. Also, check out our Mega Networking Event coming up on March 30. Register yourself and a friend here by clicking here.

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