Equality Virginia Voices Disappointment in U.S. Supreme Court

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Equality Virginia Voices Disappointment in U.S. Supreme Court

Yesterday, Equality Virginia’s Executive Director, James Parrish sent out a letter to supporters and Virginians about his disappointment in the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage in the state of Virginia.

Parrish wrote:

We received disappointing news today from the U.S. Supreme Court. As many couples from across the Commonwealth were planning their marriages for tomorrow – and other couples were hoping that their marriages would be recognized here at home – the Court intervened, thereby pausing the strides Virginia has recently made towards marriage equality.

Loving lesbian and gay couples should not have to endure yet another standstill before their commitment to one another is recognized here in Virginia. And, blocking marriages from starting tomorrow will certainly cause harm to many couples and families across the Commonwealth. That said, we hope that the Supreme Court will take this case as soon as possible and rule once and for all in favor of marriage. We have come a long way – it wasn’t so long ago that the freedom to marry in Virginia wasn’t visibly on the horizon. Today, it is! During this temporary setback, let’s remember that we are still on the right track.

It is more important than ever to come together, stay strong, and continue to work for LGBT equality.

At the end of the day, Virginia is still moving in the right direction! Equality Virginia is grateful for the amazing support we always receive from you. Thanks for always being there!