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LGBTQ Competitive Flip Cup League Returns for Season Eight

2013 Flip Out DC, Tagg Magazine

2013 Flip Out DC Championships (Photo by Chris Jennings)

2013 Flip Out DC, Tagg Magazine

2013 Flip Out DC Championships (Photo by Chris Jennings)

“On Sundays, we play flip cup,” says Chris Chase, Commissioner of Flip Out DC, a competitive flip cup league that brings together hundreds of LGBTQ individuals and their allies to participate in a season-long flip cup tournament. Flip Out DC has received widespread recognition for its efforts in establishing a safe space for people to come together and enjoy the nostalgia of college-style shenanigans. Teams of eight or more players get together to flip cups, earning points that could land them trophies, open bars, or flip cup swag.

Chase, who established the league in 2010, is very excited to oversee the event at their new venue location, Town Danceboutique.

“After speaking with many patrons and members of the league, I thought it was best to try a new venue. Our league is growing and Town offers a bigger venue space.” Chase is appreciative of the staff and ownership at Cobalt for hosting the league for the first seven seasons.

“The first time I joined a team, we played at Cobalt,” says B. Delapena, a member of team Shut the Cup Up. “Everyone was constantly laughing, dancing, singing and when a game began, the players became serious and concentrated.” Delapena was first introduced to flip cup as a spectator, but was convinced to join as a player when a close friend decided to form a team. “Flip Out DC is a good time all around and great way to meet new people and create new bonds,” she says.

From lesbian-based teams like Lez Flip to Delapena’s Shut the Cup Up, Chase has seen a moderate increase in the number of women who engage with flip cup. Among those is Jackie Reimann, who first heard about the league from a roommate and old friend. “I had just gotten out of a very long and rather unhealthy relationship and needed to make new friends. [My friend] suggested Flip Out DC as a great way to do so, and he was correct!” Reimann plays for team name Cup My Balls, a signature pun upon which many of the teams play. “The league is very welcoming, and I immediately felt comfortable, which is really saying something given that I am an introvert. I actually just realized the other day that Flip Out is sort of like my Kevin Bacon.”

As a woman and member of the bisexual community, Reimann feels welcomed at the event. “I frequently read or hear comments like ‘gay men and lesbians don’t really mix’ and I know there can be some misunderstanding or prejudice against bisexuals within the LGBT community. However, I am fortunate in that I have never really experienced that,” she says.

Flip Out DC’s new season begins on Sunday, January 10, 2016 and spectators are always welcome to attend. For more information, or to sign up and join a team, visit