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Brittney Griner Is Coming Home!
December 8, 2022
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The L Word Generation Q Roundup: Season 3, Episode 4
December 12, 2022
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With another year of talking, laughing, loving, and breathing coming to its end, and the holidays drawing near, surely the burning question on all queer women’s minds is ‘What would the cast of The L Word: Generation Q want for Christmas?’ We’re endeavoring to answer that vital query today, or at least have some fun with the characters from everyone’s favorite lesbian soap opera, and maybe give you some inspiration for the real people you’re shopping for this festive season!


For The Shane (the charming womanizer who’s a little too into their hair)

JVN Best Selling Stylers Set

From one queer celebrity hairstylist to another! Unfortunately it’s not possible to buy Shane’s own haircare range IRL, but Queer Eye’s JVN has stepped up to the plate with their vegan, cruelty-free, gender-neutral line. This set is a perfect gift for anyone in your life looking to gay up their haircare routine, and look ‘very Shane’ every day.

For The Finley (the messy queer in recovery)

Getting to Center: Pathways to Finding Yourself Within the Great Unknown by Marlee Grace

Getting to Center by queer woman author Marlee Grace touches on addiction and sobriety, but it is broadly about new beginnings and navigating uncertainty and change. If there’s a recovering homewrecker, lesbian drama tornado, and/or golden retriever masc with a dark past in your life who might be in need of a little guidance for 2023 (and wouldn’t be offended to receive a self-help book), this is the one!

For The Alice (the quirky, stylish one who loves to gossip)

Reve Set of Two Mugs

From The Chart to her very own talk show, Alice is always excited to chat to (and about) anyone and everyone, and these mugs make a perfect accessory for that! Designed by a New York based brand and ethically made, this bright and bold set is ideally suited for sipping coffee with a friend and spilling all about who slept with whose ex at the LGBTQ+ Center Christmas party.

For The Angie (the heartbroken babydyke/college student)

Lula’s Garden Jewel Garden

These succulents are perfect for decorating a college dorm, and their easy to care for, resilient nature can provide some much needed stability after the upheaval of a breakup. This company sources their succulents from local, family-owned farms and donates a share of profits to water.org, who provide access to safe water around the world, making it the perfect place to source a lovely plant gift this Christmas.

For The Micah (the (maybe) aspiring queer/trans parent)

Queer Conception: The Complete Fertility Guide for Queer and Trans Parents-To-Be by Kristin Liam Kali 

In recent episodes, Micah alluded to the idea that he might be interested in becoming a parent. If that’s the case, he might want to read Queer Conception by Kristin Kali, and if a queer person you know is considering having a baby, this book is an invaluable resource and makes a great gift. (Read about our other book suggestions for queer parents.)

For The Bette (the refined art lover with an ex-wife to win back)

Mickalene Thomas Puzzle

This puzzle shows Femmes Noires, an artwork by Black queer woman artist Mickalene Thomas. Thomas’s work centers Black, queer femininity in stylish mixed media. This jigsaw is sold through the National Museum of Women in the Arts, which particularly needs your support right now during a period of renovation. Is there someone on your list who loves to support women artists, and might also need an excuse to incidentally touch hands with their ex from time to time? This is the perfect gift for them. 


Now you’ve got all you need to make the yuletide gay for everyone on your list(/chart). Happy holidays!



Rosen P-W
Rosen is a genderqueer butch dyke and writer, facilitator and occasional community organiser living in London. They are passionate queer history and culture, and a keen knitter/beginner crocheter.