The Haux Hive Brings An All Masculine Revue to D.C.

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The Haux Hive Brings An All Masculine Revue to D.C.

It’s playtime.

However, this playtime is for adults only.

On Saturday, June 23 The Haux Hive and local promoter Brooke Jay will be hosting the BRAUX CODE: An All Masculine Revue, a BDSM and fetish inspired event. The show will be the first of its kind in the Washington, D.C. queer women’s community. The show is part of their “Taste.Touch.Feel” series.

The sex positive event will be hosted by Kai “The Stud Slayer” and Majical. The evening also includes an erotic rope artist and performances by Pretty Boi Drag.

We spoke with Brooke Jay to talk about the upcoming event, the experience, and queer sexuality.

What made you want to create this event?
I wanted to create a space where people could feel safe and uninhibited to express their primal sexual nature without judgment nor regrets – a space to explore, educate, entertain, and interact with other others. The Taste.Touch.Feel event series is a mash-up of my collective passions and experiences. I’ve combined my love for exotic dance and performance arts, food, sexual expression, and spontaneity to create a one of a kind interactive experience exclusively for adults. Taste.Touch.Feel shows have always been rich in feminine energy so we decided to mix it up and showcase the diversity of masculinity with our first ever BRAUX CODE show.

Performer at the Haux Hive EventWhat can people expect at the event?
The event is located at The Crucible, which is D.C.’s only BDSM and alternative lifestyle dungeon so the options are virtually limitless. Taste.Touch.Feel. is a two part experience. From 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. we have our main show which is a full-scale erotic theater production complete with burlesque or in this case, boylesque. We also have a variety performances, interactive games—like our infamous twerk contest and costume ball— aphrodisiacs, kink demos, and sex conversation. From 11 p.m. – 2 a.m. is the after party where you are free to mingle, satiate your sexual urges, or dance it out to the DJ. Your secrets are safe with us. No cameras are permitted during either half of the event. Whatever happens, stay there.

Why is this important for the lesbian and queer women’s community in the D.C. area?
The Haux Hive is black, queer, woman-owned and operated. We have created a space for us and those like us to be celebrated and inspired by one another. By embracing our creative and sexual energies we dismember the taboos surrounding womanhood and sexuality. BRAUX CODE, specifically, is an opportunity to add some color and dimension to the recently trending male revues by encompassing all forms of masculinity from cis men to trans men to drag kings. Additionally, there is a huge need for queer people of color representation in the kink and fetish industry which is typically viewed as a lifestyle reserved for white people, mainly men.

What do you hope people get out of the event?
I hope to spark comfortable conversations about sex among adults and leave people feeling freer, bolder, and less judgemental. [I hope people] even challenge their sexual preferences. Bonus points if they make a connection, fulfill a fantasy, or score an orgasm. Sexual energy and creative energy are one in the same. I hope people leave inspired.

What’s next?
It’s haux season so we’re bringing a new Taste.Touch.Feel every month. Following BRAUX CODE is our Cirque Du Haux-leil show on July 28 and our Summer Heat Anniversary Show on August 25. In the fall we’re having our All White After Labor Day Party, Haux-lloween, and ending the year with a bang with our Haux Haux Hauxliday show.

BRAUX CODE: An All Masculine Revue takes place on June 23 at The Crucible, 412 V Street NE, Washington, D.C. Visit for more information.







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