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Inspired At-Home Date Nights to Celebrate Pride

Lesbian Couple at Home

Pride month is that extra-special 30 days every year to show up as our best self and remind our loved ones how much we love them. Cuddle up at home away from the parties with your sweetheart with these date ideas.

The Home Picnic

Nothing says romance like a picnic. Whether you purchase a basket or make your own, you can fill it up with all your sweetheart’s favorites. Carve out a special place in the living room or sunroom— put your blanket under a window to see the moon and stars, or the morning dawn. Read poetry—try “Recreation” by Audre Lorde—or write your own. Sip mimosas, tea, or sparkling cider out of special glasses and make a toast to the love you have and share in this world.

See the Art in Me

Pride month offers an excuse to be extracreativeandspendaromantic night together making art. It might be you pick up new adult coloring books or a blank canvas to paint; you might get a pottery or sewing kit and make something for each other. Photography can be fun, to create a collageofthingsthatyouappreciate about your sweetie. Create a vision board and dream. Mushing Play- Doh into shapes or building a LEGO® set together can also be a blast of a creative date. Whatever your ‘art’ is, you can do it together.

Language Is for Lovers

There is never a time when learning a new language isn’t a beautiful and beneficial idea and learning together is a unique way to bond. When we learn a new language, we’re also learning about the people, culture, and history that comes with it. It invites change, inventiveness,andthepossibilityof future dreams, as you will naturally want to engage the language. For instance, you can learn American Sign Language, and then attend a show at the National Theater for the Deaf in your area. Start with learning how to say, “I love you.”

Spellcasting for Lovers

Magic is for lovers, and there is no better month to spellcast than Pride! You can gather with your honey and call upon the energy and wisdom of love to craft a spell for the two of you. Whether you’re a little witchy, or a full-blown mystic, you can plan your date around making a yearlong, mutual intention that supports the things that are most important for you to bring in right now. Plan a mini-ceremony—this could be as simple as lighting a candle on a red-velvet cupcake—write out your intention (glitter markers are fun), and make sure you leave an offering for someone in need, as a show of gratitude. Make it fun or serious—either way, you are setting down your desire, your love for each other, and creating a new tradition for the next year.

Recipe for Love

One of the ways we can celebrate the diversity of love is to create a new recipe for love with food. You might pick a dish you both love and cook together, or each pick three ingredients and discover a new dish through whatever you decide to make. What foods tell the story of your love?






Hunter Liguore
Hunter Liguore
Hunter Liguore is the award-winning author of Whole World in Nan's Soup. A Professor of Writing at Lesley University, her work has appeared in Spirituality & Health Magazine, Anthropology & Humanism, Irish Pages, Mystery Magazine and more. @skytale_writer; www.hunterliguore.org