Express Yourself: How to Start a YouTube Channel

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Express Yourself: How to Start a YouTube Channel

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s too late to start a YouTube channel. As a platform, YouTube continues to be one of the most popular websites on the internet. It might have had its controversies, but it’s still one of the best ways to get yourself online and start spreading a message. Becoming a YouTube blogger (or vlogger) has never been easier, and building an audience could be a lot more satisfying and simple than you think. If you’ve got a story to share or a message to spread, then here’s how to not just start a YouTube channel, but how to make it high-quality and more likely to be a success.

Know your Message

The subject of your vlog will depend on your passions. If you’re going to create content on a regular basis then it needs to be about something that you’re interested in. Decide on your niche and have a look at what other people are doing in that area. Don’t be put off if there’s already a successful channel doing what you want to do. Instead, consider:

Make sure that you define your subject matter and tone of voice before you start filming.

Make a Schedule

You need to make a decision as to how many videos you will upload every week. It’s a good idea to start with just one. This gives you time to write, film, and edit your footage. If you’re making Let’s Play videos, then you might even want to upload something new every day. If you’re creating a comedy channel, you may have to limit yourself to once a month. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Buying Equipment

If you want a more professional look to your videos, then you’re going to need some professional equipment. As you get success, you might want to upgrade, but at the basic level you should have:

  • Camera: A good camera is going to create better quality images. You don’t have to know about filters or bokeh either. Sites like let you personalize your search for the right camera, and can ensure that you get the perfect camera for your video content.
  • Tripod: Wobbly camera work never looks good, and tables or a tower of books can get knocked over very easily.
  • Microphone: While your camera might come with an in-built mic, you should also consider getting an external mic too. You could even get yourself a dictaphone and have it recording your audio as the camera records your visuals.
  • Green screen: This isn’t for everyone, but a green screen can be great for changing the background of your videos on a regular basis.

Promotion and Marketing

You could spend years making content for your YouTube channel but still stay stuck with less than a few subscribers. You should never be passive about your content, and marketing it should be one of your major tasks. Consider using:

  • Social media: This will be effective if you already have a strong social following.
  • Forums: Look at sites like Reddit, and find the subs that are related to your content. Posting to forums is a good way of reaching out to new people.
  • Collaboration: This is a great way to expand an audience. Use guests related to your niche, and the more popular they are the more benefits you’ll get.

Once you have your regular videos being uploaded, start thinking about monetizing. While YouTube doesn’t pay out a lot in advertising to vloggers, it can become a good source of passive income. You might also want to look at affiliate selling, or offering some kind of consultation service related to your niche. Get your marketing and promotions working for you, and your YouTube channel could become a full-time job.