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December 3, 2013
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December 3, 2013

Hyattsville City Council Passes Human Rights Act

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First small city in Maryland to prohibit discrimination against transgender individuals


City of Hyattsville, MD

On December 2, 2013 the Hyattsville City Council, in a 9-0 vote, passed the Hyattsville Human Rights Act. The city becomes the first small city in Maryland and the first jurisdiction in Prince George’s County to prohibit discrimination against transgender individuals.

This measure, sponsored by Councilmember Patrick Paschall, prohibits discrimination in employment, housing and places of public accommodations based on age, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or physical characteristic.

Hyattsville joins Baltimore City, Baltimore, Howard and Montgomery Counties in prohibiting discrimination against transgender individuals.

Equality Maryland’s Executive Director, Carrie Evans, testified in support of this measure and underscored the importance of local jurisdictions passing these laws while efforts at the state level are underway.

Evans testified, “Passing this ordinance in Hyattsville will make measurable differences in people’s lives. Equality Maryland is part of the Maryland Coalition for Trans Equality, a coalition of more than 50 organizations, working on passing similar protections at the state level and your passage of this local law will help greatly in that effort.”

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