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Journey to the Heart Podcast Musical

If you are anything like me, you loved the podcast musical The Flame that released last June from the team at Dollar Bean Productions. Well, we’re super stoked to share that they are producing their next musical production, which is, get this, about queer pirates, magic, soulmates, and changing your destiny. (Any Our Flag Means Death fans out there? This is totally up your alley.)

The team has shared that this will be an interactive podcast experience (one of the first of its kind), meaning that the audience will be a factor in where the story goes. The show will feature an all-star cast, including Zehra Fazal (who you might know as fan favorite Mara in She-Ra), Cissy Jones (The Owl House), Jess Darrow (Encanto), Valerie Rose Lohman (What Remains of Edith Finch), and Devon Hales (Teenage Bounty Hunters). The show also stars Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster, who run the hit podcast Lez Hang Out. Lohman serves as Executive Producer, Brigida as Scoring and Music Producer, Holmes Foster as Composer, and is written by Caitlyn Clear (The Flame, Vigilante Laundry).


We got an exclusive synopsis from the team:

In a world where everyone shares a tattoo with their soulmate, you’d think falling in love would be easy. Journey to the Heart follows three best friends as they go on an adventure of a lifetime. Albina, Babette, and Charlie are displeased with their soulmate tattoo, or lack of one, for different reasons, and this leads them to go on an adventure that will change their lives forever. Journey to the Heart will also be the first “choose your own journey” podcast musical. The audience will get to decide where the story goes and your choices will influence what you hear in each episode.

This six-episode Fantasy Adventure Musical will premiere where all podcasts are downloaded in 2023, and we could not be more excited! The team is currently running a crowdfunding campaign, with really cool exclusive perks like signed prints, beanies, and so much more. You can support the project by sharing our crowdfunding campaign here.


Support Journey to the Heart and the Lez Hang Out Podcast family here.



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