VH1 Features Krissy Krissy’s ‘Back in Time’

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VH1 Features Krissy Krissy’s ‘Back in Time’

Krissy Krissy

Lesbian artist on primetime programming menu

Krissy Krissy


Krissy Krissy’s “Back In Time” is now featured in VH1’s Primetime Programming Menus during the month of October.

From garnering a quarter million views on YouTube in just two days for her debut single “Dream” to a top record on I Heart Radio, to an MTV Buzzworthy feature, to a #1 spot on MTVU “Freshman Pick of The Week to releasing her new EP “Above All” last Fall to great success, and now a song on VH1’s round of On Air Menus, the Brooklyn bred breakout artist continues to break new ground. “Brooklyn’s finest” has certainly been making tremendous strides in a very short period of time.

Born Krislyn Rivera, Krissy Krissy is the fifth of six children raised in the working-class neighborhood of Bushwick. Her father was a pastor for a Pentecostal Church, where he played guitar and sang, and there was music all around. After being kicked out of her Pentecostal Church when she was just 15 for kissing a girl (and liking it) she took off on her own musical adventure. Still, she hung on to her guitar and her dream and was eventually discovered in a local karaoke bar.

When she released her first single “Dream” last year on her debut album, the bright bold singer-songwriter began capturing the attention of industry heavyweights like Funkmaster Flex and Vashtie, who called her “a rising star.”

Since releasing her new EP “Above All” last Fall to great success, Krissy Krissy has been garnering impressive media coverage turning up on the pages of Hits Magazine, The Huffington Post, MTV Buzzworthy, and AOL Feature, to name a few.

While the 23-year-old has been channeling sometimes-tumultuous life lessons into songs about love, overcoming jealousy and finding peace with grief, she has certainly risen “Above All”. Music’s new “it” girl is definitely on the move and making a lot of noise.

Her latest song is now available as a free download exclusively at http://www.mtv.com/artists/krissy-krissy/.


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