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HRC Board Member Shares Her Bullying Story

This week, Human Rights Campaign Board Member and Diversity Co-Chair of the HRC Greater Cincinnati Steering Committee, Kristin Shrimplin shared her high school story with thousands of LGBTQ community members. Specifically, she recounts her personal experience with bullying as a teenager.

“The reason why I decided to do the video is that I wanted to send a clear message to LGBTQ youth that they are perfect just the way they are! I want them to know that nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong with them,” says Shrimplin. “Too often LGBTQ youth or those perceived to be are targeted for harassment, intimidation and bullying. Up to 75% of all bullying is bias-based and we can prevent that through all of us creating welcoming and inclusive environments-on our communities’ streets, in our school hallways, and in our homes. No one deserves to be bullied. No one.”

Along with the video, HRC has called on the community to join the movement for full LGBTQ equality. The organization hopes people will donate to the cause and help them “fight unjust discrimination and strengthen our network of civil rights advocates and allies.”

“I wanted to send a clear message to our caring LGBTQ adult community that it is our responsibility to share not only our stories of what it was like as LGBTQ youth, but to share our stories of hope,” explains Shrimplin. “As adults, we are responsible to support our youth, create change in school policies, and generate community dialogue that welcoming inclusion promotes the health and wellness and safety of all of our children and youth.”

Watch video below.