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Rosanny Zayas (Sophie) in The L Word: Generation Q. Photo Credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME


The L Word: Generation Q may not be perfect, but it definitely knows what the fans want. As always, this week’s episode brought the drama. And it wrapped things up in a way that demands a season three. So let’s get to it. 

The season’s final episode, titled “Last Call,” begins with a much needed intervention for Finley, who last week drunkenly appeared at Dani’s place and peed in front of her door. Alice, Shane, Tess, Sophie, and Micah tell Finley they love her and that they’ve found a rehab center for her, but Finley refuses to go and takes off. 

Next up, Bette wakes up with Pippa, and it’s absolutely so very hot. But all is not well for long, as Pippa accuses Bette of not being over Tina and says she is nervous about the two of them. Later in the episode, Bette shares this revelation with Alice and Shane, who are not surprised. 

Shane asks Bette: “If Tina were to show up at your doorstep right now and she says ‘I’m in love with you and I want to try again,’ what do you say?” Bette dodges the question. Shane then divulges that Carrie has cold feet about marrying Tina and says “If there was ever a time to win her back, it’s now or never.” The drama, though! I can’t even.

With Angie this week, things are devastating, as she finds out that her sperm donor Marcus died. She blames herself, but luckily, her girlfriend Jordi is there for her. Angie and Jordi meet up with Marcus’ daughter Kayla, who gives Angie answers to the questions she had about Marcus, as recounted by her family. It’s very sweet, but also heartbreaking at the same time. 

Shane doesn’t seem to be getting a break either. Just as things seem to be getting good with Tess, Tess asks Shane to move with her to Las Vegas, where Tess’s mother is. Shane says she can’t possibly imagine leaving Los Angeles. They both tell each other they love each other and sleep together for what seems to be one last time, and my heart breaks into pieces. 

Not every couple is on its way out the door. At Alice’s going away party for her book tour, Alice and Tom are back in action. Gigi supports Dani as she leaves the court and decides not to testify at her dad’s trial, and then introduces Dani to several members of her family. And based on last week’s episode, it looks like Micah and Maribel are here to stay. 

But in true L Word fashion, not everything is perfect. Carrie breaks it off with Tina, and then things really get crazy . . . with almost everyone. On their way to Alice’s book tour, Alice finds a ring in Tom’s pocket. Tess leaves for Las Vegas. After getting drunk again, Finley finally agrees to go to rehab. And Dani gets arrested for criminal contempt of court. 

If that’s not dramatic enough, as Bette is on her way out the door to meet Pippa, she hears a knock. It’s Tina, and she wants to come in. Umm, excuse me? I need season three, PRONTO.

Becca’s Rankings 

Sexiest Scene: Shane and Tess . . . until they start talking about Finley during sex. 

Most OMG-Moment: Tina showing up at Bette’s door at the end of the episode. 

Funniest Moment: At Finley’s intervention, Alice tells Finley: “You’re like a puppy. You know, even when it bites you, you love it.” 

Best Musical Moment: The opening credits to “Never Gonna be the Same” by Mia Wray. 

Who will sleep together next? Bette and Tina!



Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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